Albert Einstein’s Peculiar Question to the Universe

I clicked on a you tube video where Esther Hicks AKA Abraham Hicks explained that Albert Einstein asked the universe a peculiar question. Peculiar in the sense that he could have asked a more scientific question, since he was a legend in the business but instead he asked this,

Is the Universe a friendly place?

Albert Einstein

Esther notes that Albert could have asked , “Is the universe an unfriendly place?” instead but he asked the question with positive expectation and perhaps hope and that is the wisdom we need to bring into our daily lives.

At any given point in our lives, we might find that there are many things to shutter our rose-colored glasses into a million pieces. There are fears and anxieties, triggers based on insecurities of our own and those of others, and sometimes even, these fears may be justified. It is during these moments we need to pause and ask, “Universe, will everything be okay?” , “Universe, should I relax, knowing that you are handling things for me to make me have the best experience from this life?”. Questions that bring hope to the person who is asking, and more so to the universe which is ever-listening to us, can only speed up the arrival of our wishes and desires.

Esther concluded by saying that Einstein, even as he asked his question, knew that in this universe, what you search for you shall find. If he were looking for signs in which the universe were a cruel and unforgiving place to be, he needed not even ask his question in the manner in which he did. He could have asked it in the negative, rather than positive. Therefore, it always helps to remember that which you focus on grows. So if you and I decide from this moment on, we are only going to focus on the things which are working out in our lives, we will see more of them. Whereas, on the other hand, if we choose to dwell on every little thing that’s wrong, well you know.

Lastly, it is obvious that when we are in a constant state of positive expectation, we can move from simply wishing and hoping, to a bigger vibration of attracting it or even creating it. Our brains are powerful things. We can create the reality we want to see and experience simply by imagining it and expecting it, and maintaining that state for long periods of time. Let us make our brains work for us and not against us by practicing positive thinking and expectation. If you have a hard time staying positive, maybe because you have seen the worst always being handed to you, or have that intruding little devilish voice inside you whispering how you cannot accomplish anything big, you can always listen to positive affirmations on you tube. There are so many of them you could get lost!

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