The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy

Everything you write down in your journal comes true. In the book, “The Power of your Subconscious Mind,” Joseph Murphy explains that the subconscious mind listens to everything you have to tell it. It brings forth into your reality what you constantly think about. Even better, what you affirm in the way of writing it down on a piece of paper, or better yet, your Lifebook, has no choice but to come true because those letters act as a command to your subconscious to bring what is in them into your reality.

Talking of a Lifebook, let us see what it is. According to Jon and Missy Butcher, a Lifebook is a book that contains all your dreams and goals of what you wish your life was like. This book is divided into a dozen areas of your life which are considered very important: your work life, family, love life, health, among others. In this book, You never leave out any details but describe everything to the tiniest detail. What are your goals? Where is your ideal home located? What does it look like? What are your children and husband like? Do you guys have a pizza night? If so, which toppings are your favorite and theirs? You don’t need to have been married to know this. You simply create your ideal marriage and family life the way you like it, with imagination. However, this does not stop at just visualizations, but goes further to require you list the decisions which will take you there. For example, if your dream husband is tall, handsome, kind and loving, who has time for you and has the same interests as you, you would be required henceforth, to go out with guys who are these things and nobody else. For example, what should you do to attract such a guy? If the law of attraction says that like attracts like, don’t you need to be what your are desiring first and foremost? Where would you meet a guy like that? Anywhere except in your cocoon. Therefore, this means you need to go out there and meet people and you need to be discerning as to the kind of men you entertain because you know exactly what you are looking for.

Now that we have an idea of what a Lifebook is, let us look at the effect it has on your life. Most people have testified that their life is unfolding exactly as they envisioned in their Lifebook. This could be the reason why most people are successful with reaching their dream life, because they have conditioned the subconscious to bring them what they desire by focusing on it and imprinting it in their mind through writing. The mind only sees what you tell it such that if you say you are a cat, you might as well start to behave like one. Murphy emphasizes that the law of the mind is belief and if used correctly, it can change your life, heal your sickness and give you everything you wish for!

The Universe Responds

I want to say, and I hope you are listening, that I just posted a while ago today, and in my post, I mentioned Vishen Lakhiani, (founder of Mindvalley, an extraordinary human being, brilliant mind, amazing soul etc.) and suddenly, my YouTube advert is full of him, talking about the magic of accessing alternate states of consciousness and other awesome truths. I simply just thought about him for a second, and he appears everywhere, through multiple ads on YouTube. Did he appear so frequently before? Not really, and if he did, I did not notice. So, what does this tell me?

One, either the universe or something is paying close attention to my thoughts and the things or people I focus my attention on, and is bringing them to me, showing them up in my experience, or, just like Esther Hicks says, where focus goes, energy flows, I started seeing him more now than before, simply because right now my mind remembered him, and in doing so, activated my senses to notice him more. Am I making any sense?

If what I am observing is true, don’t we all need to start paying attention to our thoughts and think only about things or people we want to see appear in our experience and life? Isn’t this a powerful tool we have been blessed with, to think amazing things and they will come true? This confirms that if we don’t like the circumstances of our life, if we want to see positive change, we need to change the way we think and the stuff we think about. How many things do you think in a day? If you were told, everything you thought about today since you woke up, would be you reality for tomorrow, would you be happy and excited or worried and panicked? What if this were true? Can you make sure to think only what you want to see? Is it so hard to think great thoughts, powerful thoughts, transforming and miracle-bringing thoughts, making-the-impossible-the difficult-to-achieve-possible kind of thoughts. If someone told you, whatever you wish for is granted, would you start wishing for your dreams to come true or would you dismiss that information as a joke, a falsehood, or something that only works for others but not you?

Start believing! Start thinking amazing thoughts, and let the universe prove to you whether or not it is true. I mean, what do you have to lose?

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