“Tell Me What You Want to Do.”

I say it all the time, the universe talks to you. Just listen.

I was watching TV and I noticed a bizarre happening. It was as if somehow, some of the words the actors were saying applied directly to me. Yes, my logical readers will scream, “Coincidence!”, I hear you! But please entertain me for a moment, perhaps I may persuade you.

As I was saying, I was watching a show, in Korean, with subtitles. and I noticed, a scene where one actor comments to a guy who was straining too much to see, ” Take care of your eyes.” Now I want to say that I was in a dark room, within 1 meter’s distance to the screen, intently watching the 6th episode of the show. Being poor-sighted I was wearing glasses, and as you can already guess, my eyes were straining. Not yet convinced?

Yesterday, I was watching Bridgerton, and there was this scene where Daphne nervously eats grapes, I have vitamin c deficiency and I get most of my vitamin c from grapes which I remember to partake at least once in every two weeks. I had been out of town recently and I forgot to have my regular vitamin c intake. Today I got up with a sore gum. Do you get it? I must be delusional right? Haha!

Most of the times, the universe speaks in numbers, for those geeks who like codes, for me though, unless they are numbers personal to me and I have assigned them meanings particular to my case, I prefer more straightforward signs such as a catch phrase on someone’s t-shirt that says, “Never Give Up!”, “Show Them.” or other important messages that seem to appear when I need them the most. For this reason I keep a keen eye on my surroundings just so I don’t miss the hints for when the universe is addressing me. And I think you should too? I mean, what have you got to lose?

How Do You Know It Is the Universe Talking To You?

I was happy. For the first time in my life I was not alone. I realized the universe speaks to you, only if you dare to go a little crazy, or a lot crazy, depends on how far you are willing to go. I was already called crazy several times, weird or different from everybody else, so it did not take me so much effort to go a little further down that daring road, of forsaking everything I had been taught about the world and trying to see it in an, “are-you-delusional?” kind of way.

I have tremendous respect to all the gurus and authors of books about law of attraction and beating the unbeatable odds, which life has taught us to accept as a normal part of life, however, most people consider all this life-altering and transforming knowledge, as rantings of lunatics, or a certain class of people who wish to be handed everything they desire, simply by repeating a bunch of affirmations and mantras. It is also these same people who are complaining that life is unfair and we must have been all fools for agreeing to come down to Earth just to suffer and die.

That is why, if you find out you belong to that “class of lunatics”, you have a hard time integrating into the beliefs and ways of thinking others are somehow still trying to impose on you,no matter how changed you have become. So how do you know which path to take? Once you have realized you are no longer alone and anything you want is possible to achieve, which way should you invest your time and energy in? Where can you get guidance to know which decision has the best potential for success and which one is still stuck in the old way of thinking which you must avoid? What tell-tale signs does the universe give you to assure you of being on the right path? How do you know you are where you are supposed to be in your life?

During such times of confusion, I rely on angel numbers which appear at certain times. I also do tarot, but because of my limited skills I don’t understand what most of the cards, when combined together, mean. I also find myself meditating and asking my higher self for guidance and wisdom. Now after doing all of that, in the meantime, I find myself receiving advice from people. Someone can come and say, “There is this opportunity I think you should apply.” Or someone would tell me, “Why don’t you consider going back to school and finishing law?” Then there is the fact that the universe puts you where you need to be right now. I look at the right now of my life, and I find many reasons to want to consider other options. Which is which? Universe can you please tell me with certainty and beyond any reasonable doubt, whether I should stay where I am in my life at the moment or go and embark on a whole new beginning? Can you please tell me if I should finish law, which until now is not something I would jump with joy about, or should I just pursue my dream even when I have no idea how to get there and whether or not that is where my success lies? Please speak to me.Thank you.

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