What Is Your Guiding Compass In Life?

Imagine what it would feel like to know the answers to every one of your questions. Then imagine how effortless solving your problems would become if solutions presented themselves to you upon request, or if you could just ask for what you want and it is delivered!

It started as a hobby of mine. I listened to youtube videos about almost anything and suddenly, I find myself learning about an intriguing phenomenon of angel numbers.

Now, before you decide what your feelings about this are going to be, I urge you to entertain this thought with me for a little while. Imagine you are walking down a street, lost in thought about a problem that has been troubling you very much and no matter what you have done about it, you simply cannot understand what your next step should be. Now imagine if there is someone or something ever present listening in your inner turmoil and knows the solution to your problem but speaks in codes or numbers instead of directly in words. Would you still want to decipher what those numbers mean when they appear to you consistently, in a pattern every time you are thinking similar thoughts or are in a bind and need assurance that you are headed the right way? I found out these numbers, if you bother to notice them, carry meaning. They are always saying something.

Before this, I had no passion for numbers;being a student who failed mathematics with zeal and determination, I was glad when they told me there is a course which does not take into account my terrible score in mathematics and I dived right in. However, right now, I find myself searching numbers on Google more than the regular accountant. I have been baptised into the religion of numbers and I find myself constantly on a hunt, for the next big revelation of a constantly-appearing set of numbers like, 909, 109, 116, 313 and so on and what their relationship is with where I am at in my life right now.

Sometimes you find a direct reflection of your thoughts in the meaning of a number you just saw. Sometimes even you get to know in advance what is coming into your life that you need to prepare for. And on those other times, when you try to hold onto a relationship or a situation that no longer serves you, you find numbers such as 9 and 10 urging you to move on since you have gone full circle and new beginnings, promising a better future, await you. The messages are endless. They appear to each one of us when we need them the most.

Sometimes these messages may be confusing or one set of numbers can mean a bunch of things when you Google their meanings, it is during these times that I engage with my tarot deck and my intuition to clarify what whoever is sending them is trying to say.

I know this may sound weird to people who decided life is a certain way, and not any other way. Or that there are no messages in those numbers. But I thought so too. Coming from a culturally and religiously-defined village off of the Coast of Kenya meant that I had a lot of programmed beliefs and conditions that I needed to see beyond in order to accept a different way of looking at life. So it is understandable if you do not believe this. However, I dare you to give these numbers a try and see whether or not they make any sense.

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