Right or Wrong?

Dearest reader, as I was making breakfast earlier, I had an epiphany of sorts. And you know me, I had to turn that stove off and write. What else is new? So here goes…

There is no right or wrong way of doing life; There just is. I know as I say these words, I need to say them with much caution for fear of coming off righteous or pretentious. Just please keep in mind that as much as I teach you some of the things I suddenly seem to discover about life and the meaning of life, I am also teaching myself. What I tell you, I am consciously telling myself too.

So what does it mean when I say there is no right or wrong way to do life? Does it mean we are all right by the choices we make and how we live? Does it mean I am right, you are right and so is that criminal who just received a life sentence? Absolutely, yes! That is what I mean. We ARE ALL RIGHT; IN OUR OWN UNIQUE WAY. Yes! Even that criminal is right on the course of where their soul wants to learn in this life in order to evolve. I don’t suppose to know what the criminal’s purpose is but I bet their soul or higher self knows best. And I will go even further to say that therefore, nobody can be wrong for the level of soul development is different for each one of us. What may seem evil for me might be just another afternoon for a soul that is developing on a DIFFERENT plane than mine. I emphasize this word: different because we seem to seriously overlook this very important fact by creating standards and assuming everyone else who is not following them is wrong. There is no such thing as right or wrong. And because even as I say these words I am having a difficult time accepting them, the only one person who can see life and us in this way has to be God and Him alone!

Now I know I am walking on a suspended bridge here when I say nobody is wrong in God’s eyes, just so in our human eyes- which is you stretch this further you would come to the obvious conclusion that there cannot be hell or heaven for as long as there is a God who can see us and accept us all as right, regardless of our human and societal concepts of right and wrong. Now these words are powerful I know. They are like the tower in tarot which crumbles and is set ablaze. That is how much threat these words may have on religion and basically every law that is man-made. through the same lens I want you to imagine that your true north will always point to what brings you true happiness because that is what your soul needs in this life time. Perhaps your true north urges you to find meaning in God and the supernatural and you find yourself an atheist or a realist, you will only be happy if you change course- and you will because your soul will prompt, push and nudge you towards finding God and until you do you would have not otherwise lived your purpose in this life time.( Does it then mean that you will have to come back again! Or maybe, we just can’t escape our true north and will always choose it whether we want to or not?)

Even as I say these thought-provoking words, I realize I have a true north in Sagittarius and a destiny number 7 which can explain why I seek for meaning beyond the material and physical aspects of life. It can also explain why I seem to suddenly know these things which I teach you. Does this make any sense? I sure hope so!

So, in conclusion, while we may feel inclined to think and believe our personal journeys are superior to others’, I advise myself and all of you to eat some humble pie. Because the truth is, there is no superior or inferior, there just is what we need to be, at this point in time(of course and in our soul development process).

A Life Of Service

I think God intended for us to help many people. He does not want us to succeed for ourselves or be satisfied with selfish accomplishments which have only been benefitting us as individuals. I think life purpose or mission in anyone’s life is about what they can do to make other people’s life better with the skills or talents they have been blessed with in this life.

Talent, skills, wealth and health are outright blessings. However, did you know that the challenges, traumas, illnesses, disabilities and every storm we have faced in life are also gifts which we can use to help others who are going through the same? This is what made me open my eyes today. Not everyone who has been tested with what you were was able to make it to where you are. In my case, I have known many families with the same background and challenges as mine whose situation is worse and many youths from those families who were tested like me, but unlike me, have no way out and are trapped in drugs and dropped out of school. How could I not be blessed after seeing how far I have come despite all the odds which were way bigger than me and which threatened to destroy me? If the same odds succeeded to destroy someone else’s life in what seems like irreparable ruin, am I then not blessed?

For this blessing, should I not then feel a sense of purpose to help others who have walked my path of trials and make life better for them? Shouldn’t I set out to make sure I use my skills, talents and experience to make someone’s life better? I don’t have any money to start any big venture but I know I don’t have to wait to get the money I need, when I can start doing something, anything to impact someone’s life. Even if it is just my words of support and encouragement, even if it is just the fact that I made it this far, so can you, who is suffering and fighting against overwhelming giants!

Now that I have figured out this life-changing fact, the next question is what action can I take? What is the next thing I need to do? Where do I start? Who is my audience? Which method can I use to get the ball rolling? Is it by going to local primary and secondary schools and volunteering myself to counsel and guide them? Is it by visiting hospitals and volunteering to pray for the sick? Is it by cleaning the dirty streets in my village? What can I do to help people? Can someone please tell me?

I know it in my heart that God is calling me to action. It is so urgent that I cannot stop feeling this urge nowadays; the urge to do something not for myself, but for random people. Just the other day, I noticed the amount of trash which collected outside and around my home and neighborhood. Immediately, I felt I needed to step out and sweep it all clean by myself, which I did. In that moment, I felt so fulfilled. While I was sweeping, a lady passed by and prayed for me. That felt good. Then sometime later, a kid I begged to come help me load the trash into a sack, happily complied and we were able to finish in a matter of minutes. See? That wasn’t so bad! What I needed was only a broom and a sack. I didn’t need to buy anything, even the sack was given to me by my neighbor. That simple, selfless act of cleaning around the house, which also meant I was cleaning my neighbors’ houses as well since we all live close together, made me realize life is all about the good of the many and the selfless acts we do for others. I will go as far as to say, that if you want to experience joy and fulfillment, or to be cured of depression, go out of your way to do something that won’t be just about you; help as much as you can and start living for the community and not for yourself only.

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