My Maker

There is some part of us that always wants to worry. It is a nasty default setting that centuries of survival have put in us. Somehow we decided that things cannot happen just naturally without our control or actions, but that is hardly the truth. The truth is that if we are honest about our life and how far we have come, most of the things which happened in our favor had nothing to do with our input or direction. Mostly because we didn’t even anticipate or foresee them, they just happened.

Why is it then so hard for us to trust in this same flow of our life, this invisible force which ensures all we need is effortlessly made available to us through unexpected means?

Take for example children, we all were helpless once and we could have died of starvation or exposure but somehow we didn’t. It wasn’t because we got jobs when we were two years old and paid rent and strived to afford milk and baby food to survive, but regardless, we survived. So, my question is who was it that provided for us then, and how is it possible that they would stop caring for us now? You can’t tell me it was parents by virtue that they were parents, because I have heard of several parents who would up and leave their children to starve or throw them in a trash bin, or torture and kill them. So, no it had to be someone else. This person put love in our parents, and if they didn’t love us enough to care, he inspired someone else to be there for us. This person couldn’t leave us then, therefore, he can’t leave us now or never will. Can we learn to trust in this invisible force which loves us and takes care of our needs? Can we surrender to this force and let go of control? Can we release our worries and fears about tomorrow, what we will eat or drink?

Happy New Year my good people!: Gratitude Time and a Sneak Peak into my resolutions…

It is finally the 1st of January 2022! How did days go by so fast? I woke up today thinking to myself, What should my new year resolutions be? Or should I just wing it? I mean, I am sure everyone in the world did not see the last two years coming the way they did right? I wonder what they did with their resolutions?

The first thing I did today was take out my notebook and write down the things I am super grateful for in the past year. A lot has happened I cannot pinpoint everything but perhaps, the biggest thing to me was the courage I mastered to return to school and complete my legal studies. I never saw that coming. If you asked me sometime in 2020 if I could see myself living within the school complex and simply committing to learning about the law as much as I could, I would tell you Heck no! So for me, this past year has been instrumental in conquering my fear of Kenya School of Law and for that I am ecstatic!

Secondly, I am grateful for those who supported me this past year, starting with my sister who went out of her way to ensure my transition back into school was a smooth as it could be. It must not have been easy to prioritize my needs when she has so many people to care about and support. Thank you so much sis.

This past year made me learn about myself and allow myself to feel my feelings more than I ever did before. I let myself take it easy every time I fell into my regular pits of depression which sometimes lasted for months on end. During these lonely and scary times, I would normally be too hard on myself, blaming my inaction and inability to function properly. Up until this past year, I did not realize that I was already going through a very difficult time when I was depressed, so much so that it did not help at all to also hate on myself. In fact, it only made recovery that much difficult and impossible. So I am grateful for having the right level of self love and self care to cut myself some slack whenever I am afflicted.

I am also very thankful to my new state of awareness where I am learning to let go of what no longer serves me. I have grown more willing to accept the fact that it is better to be alone by myself( something which you know I despise so much) than to be with the wrong person/group. I know it is not easy to be so alone and single but on my best days, I love and enjoy it and on my worst, well, you and I both know this is a safe space for me to vent my frustrations all out.

Let me not forget to thank God for money. It has been my greatest source of happiness and support overall. I am glad I can treat myself out to meals when I can since I am a foodie. I am also happy I can afford to go shopping and not have to worry about not having enough. For me, this is a great relief since I have suffered a great deal from financial insecurity and I remember how hard it used to be before to even buy a bar of chocolate in spite of my crazy cravings for it, for fear I would have to go over budget. Life has not always been so easy for me especially where money and financial freedom was concerned. So thank you money, I love you so much, please keep coming to me always and forever.

Last but not least, I would like to thank word press for being my safe space where I can freely express myself and my ideas. I am grateful for my increasing subscribers and for the exposure I have to the rest of the world through my blog. I have always dreamt of communicating my ideas with the world and to have a following of people who listened and learned from what I have to share. So thank you so much. creating this blog was one of the best decisions I have ever made and sticking it out four years later was something I had never done before with anything else in my life since we know just how difficult it is for me to commit to something long term without getting bored out of my mind. So thank you so much for my blog and my followers.


I would love to say I have everything figured out but I would be lying. So please allow me to think up stuff as I write. Thank you.

  1. The first thing which comes to mind is to be able to read as many self help books as I can this year. I wish to grow my “book reviews” page here on my blog and for this to happen, I plan to read at least 15 books this year.
  2. I would like to socialize more. I have been a hermit who is lonely. What a paradox I know! I need to start trusting others more and get out of my pretty little shell.
  3. Lest I forget, it is my goal that this year I meet my future husband no matter what! Haha! You guys know I have been singing about how much I need my man to come into my life so bad. Well, let us turn this into a goal, hoping by doing this, it will up its chances of being realized.
  4. I wish to exercise more self love and self care. This should be top of the list. I plan to pay close attention to what feels good to me and what feels off. I want to make sure I am in touch with myself and I set aside time to pamper and treat myself to a great time.
  5. I wish to open up about how I feel with others. I don’t want to eat up my feelings about anything. I also don’t wish to please others at the expense of my own emotional wellbeing. Therefore, I will say how I feel no matter how unpleasant it may sound to the person hearing it.
  6. I plan to focus on what truly matters and to finish up on the projects I am currently invested in. A better part of this year will be spent preparing for my bar exams and then pupillage. I plan to focus on that and filter out anything else which comes as a distraction. Laser focus!
  7. I plan to create to-do lists everyday so I know exactly what I am doing every day. This will not only help me minimize distractions and time wasting, but it will also make me feel productive and purposeful.
  8. I plan to set aside time to study for my bar exams everyday. I want it to be like a daily routine which I cannot live without. No matter how the day has been or how crappy I feel, I want to be able to do some reading on those law textbooks which have been staying unopened ever since I bought them. They deserve to be read.
  9. I plan to grow my subscriber count on my blog to 150 from the current 80 by the end of 2022.
  10. I wish to conquer my fears slowly by slowly. Whatever they may be, I plan on facing every little thing which I fear one by one this year.
  11. Most importantly, I plan on taking care of my health by eating well and taking more fruits.
  12. I plan on working on myself even as I will be busy doing all these other things. I wish to become a better person, more mature and closer to reaching my fullest potential as a divine being first and foremost, and as a human being second. I wish to reach a superior level of self awareness and consciousness.
  13. I plan to expand my knowledge about the universe and how it works. I wish to learn more about the law of attraction, God, the world, the hereafter, and all other mystical things waiting for me to discover about myself and the world in general.
  14. I plan for 2022 to become the best year of my life yet! This year will see me live the life of my dreams or at least, getting closer to it and establishing the required foundations for the lifestyle of my desire. I expect only miracles and wonderful surprises this year and nothing less!
  15. Lastly, I wish for everyone in the collective consciousness to realize their dreams, accomplish their goals, successfully wrap up their projects and live the best year of their lives!

With that said, Happy new year my good people, I love you so much and thank you for being part of my life this past year and all others before that. Let us walk into 2022 with assurance that this year will right all wrongs, bring world peace and good climate, save the animals and trees and on top of all of that, realize all our hearts’ desires!

Master Your Mind, Master Your Life

We live in a world system which has conditioned us, whether intentionally or by accident, to believe we are weak. Schools were put up to teach us because we are ignorant. Hospitals exist to treat us because we can’t heal ourselves. Religion was created because we cannot take responsibility for our own lives; there needs to be someone we can blame for causing us unhappiness and pain right? There has to be someone, other than us, who is in control of our lives, making us miserable most of the times than happy, right? Wrong!

With every passing day, people are realizing the system is not how things really are. Many exemplary authors of life-changing books have testified about miraculous achievements where cancer patients, paralyzed people and others have completely healed just by thinking they are healthy and practicing feeling health and seeing themselves cancer free, or walking and running and completely healed. People like the youngest physicist in the world, show us that we are not naturally ignorant as to require schools to paint brush knowledge into our minds, but rather, we already know what we need to know and the schools give us a means to communicate that to others or at least structure it; and this can be done by just about anyone really, proving how many more people today prefer to homeschool their children, or at least control the environment in which their children are given this guidance or channeling.

Religion, on the other hand, well what do I say? This one is a tough one. It has been the oldest system perhaps and is the hardest to change or to reprogram our minds about what we believe. It is the most personal of all of the systems and most guarded. All these systems were created by us as we struggled to come up with the meaning behind life. We needed to hold unto something, to refer back to a way of life. Given that the world has millions if not billions of languages, cultures and geographical spaces, it makes sense that our religions are also different and each one seems strange and blasphemous to one another. I am not saying there is no God. There indeed exists the source of all the life we are and we see; a master designer, and genius at that! However, when it came to religions as the systems we know today, it was back then, all about the individual community’s or person’s personal experience with this source of life and how successfully they were able to influence or rather put everyone else, who did not take the time to think about the existential nitty gritties of life, on board their ship. Over time, and many centuries later, modifications were added to suit these philosophies about God, acquired from the personal experiences, whether ordinary or miraculous, of who God is or is not, and we have what we have today. That is why, many people even though they are amazed by the truths present in some holy scriptures about findings science only came to discover later, they are horrified by some ideas contained within them. Ideas like idolize get one community of people above everyone else, like in the bible and Quran for example, where God is literally taken to be the God of Israelis since the tribe has been mentioned to be favored by God. Also, many prophets if not all, are Jewish or Hebrew. As I take it, even prophet Mohammed peace be upon him and his family, is a descendant of Ishmael, the other son of prophet Abraham, a Hebrew. So it basically means today, that all Muslims in the world, and Christians alike, believe in the God of Israelis or Jews. Then it begs also the question, why would these two sides never eat from the same plate if they cook from the same pot? And why Muslims hate Jews so much if they worship their God and read the Quran, which has a special chapter on Israelis and mentions throughout the text how God has favored Israelis above everyone else in the world? Anyways, you get my point. I don’t want to get too much into religious politics, that is not what this post is about.

This post is about how we as a human race, have successfully built and programmed our minds around systems which defeat us instead of uplift us? How have we successfully sustained the very systems which have disempowered us and made us victims of our life circumstances? Today, when authors like Joe Dispenza, Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor, Neville Goddard, Rhonda Byrne and Jen Sincero write about the power of our minds and how we can heal from diseases just by thinking and feeling, and how we can surrender to the real God, haha excuse my language, rather what I mean to say is, how we can each find our personal relationship with God God, not someone else’s God, we are reluctant to accept this new truth. We shun it and say it is blasphemous! (Myself included, well it has not been easy I tell you). Don’t we realize how the prophets had ties unique relationship with God, don’t we want to find and search for him ourselves like they did? Don’t we want to talk to God, ask him for signs and miracles, like they did? Why are we robbing ourselves of this special feeling of being closer to God?Why do we have to believe only hospitals can take away our sickness, when God heals us through our own mind? Why do we succumb to fears and failures when God through our minds, has equipped us with ways we can create what we want to experience with imagination, visualization and positive thoughts. Do you think God would have sent us to this world helpless? Or would he have given us all we need to thrive? If the answer is yes, then why can’t we accept the abilities and creative power God has given us through our minds and get out of our own way? Why can’t we look for God in everything we see and marvel at his genius? Why can’t we live the life of our dreams, which God intended for us, where we thrive instead of surviving because we refuse to give up ideas which hurt us and take our power away from us? All God wants is for us to enjoy this life he has given us and to partake in the food he provided for us to sustain us, and use the power he gave us to create our own experiences and in return he says, “When you are thankful, I will increase you.” Is that so hard?

You Are Asking Wrong; When Your Prayers Go Unanswered!

Don’t ask for the wrong things. Ask the universe to give you what you need the most and what will make you the happiest!

Please allow me to tell you this: each one of us has two personas within us. One is our external person whose suit we are wearing as our physical bodies. This person is in this life to learn , make mistakes and grow from them, so you can say she still has a lot more stuff she needs to mess up and I would not rely on her entirely when making important decisions; for those life-changing decisions, I would need a little extra guidance . And that is where the other, who is our true essence, comes in. Our higher self is unlimited and unrestrained by anything in this reality. This higher form of self is always there, whispering our biggest ideas into our ears and through intuition, makes us make the right decisions for ourselves.

Let me help you understand. Imagine your home. It is a space you live in which is in a town you are familiar with. Your home town may look big to you , you could even get lost in it or need the help of a car or train to take you from one place to another. However, if you take out your world map, or rather, your country map, you will quickly notice that the entire town or city you have been seeing as expansive and vast is actually just a tiny dot in a sea of dots all over across the world. Now, suppose this tiny dot of your home town is your physical ego self, your higher self is the world map with all its dots. What I am saying is, you are bigger than this physical manifestation. Imagine it as if someone tried to fit the titanic into a swimming pool. That is how infinite your true essence is. It has lived and occupied that much space throughout several lifetimes including this one, and already knows so much, wisdom which you can tap into for guidance in moments of confusion.

As I write this I realize some of you may not have been convinced. You are not small. You matter and you have everything you need to lead the life you want. The question is always, “what do you want?” , Not “what don’t you want?”! Don’t let the simplicity of this question fool you. If this question were asked to most of us, we would be shocked to find out most of the stuff we have replied with have very little to do with what we truly, really want from deep in our hearts. This is because, as humans we are moved to want what we don’t have at the moment. Right now. So for example, I will say, I want money. To have lots of it so I don’t get scared about not having enough in the future. Why? Because I am currently entertaining feelings of not having enough money. I have been feeling as if I will not ever get money again. That somehow, there is not enough money in the world to come my way. The world bank shut down. There will be no more money available. Everyone is going to have to make do with what they already have! That is my current mood. But is that really the case? Do I really know that I will not very soon walk into fortune and have everything I want very easily , just like that? Why is it so easy to assume the worst and accept it as the truth and only truth and absolutely unfathomably impossible to assume the best and declare that as the only truth?

Long story short, there are things we need, which we don’t have right now. Things that we forget to remember when we pray fervently on our prayer mats. Instead of asking for them, we find ourselves asking for what is not really going to bring us what we need: happiness, joy and a meaningful life lived to the fullest! Who is to blame? Our egos, for not seeing far enough, for being motivated only by our nearest needs and demands and for not having the foresight which only our highest forms of self possess!

I will get real clear about one fact. You will definitely get what you ask for.That is a guarantee and I swear to God if more people knew this and 100% believed in this, depression and anxiety would become extinct and therapists would all lose their jobs! The real trick is to know what is it you should ask for. If you ask for something which is in alignment with your higher self, you will find those things come very quickly. On the other hand when you keep asking and you are not getting, instead of doubting the integrity of God and start accusing him of being unfair and biased( please forgive me), you should ask yourself, what is wrong with what I am asking? Is what I pray for really what I need to be happy? Am I asking wrong? Because most times, that would be the case.

So How Do you Ask Right?

Joe Vitale, in his book The Attractor Factor, said, while asking for something from the universe, after you have stated everything you want, for example,

” please God bless me with a beautiful home, a handsome man to love and protect me, a nice car, lots of money so much so that I will not know what to do with it even after I have done absolutely everything I desire, a big library full of all the best books, my own private island with a cabin I can just go to escape from the world once in a while and read, sleep and eat, the freedom to travel the world and enjoy beautiful exotic places, dining at high end restaurants, …

don’t forget to say this powerful statement,

“…this or better than this.”

This means that you are willing to let the universe bring to you what could be way better than what you are asking for. This short powerful statement shows the universe or God, you trust fully that what you will receive will positively surprise you, because it will be better than what you could imagine was possible. This also means, you acknowledge the fact that from your limited perception of what is possible or not, you might have asked for something you don’t really need and that there is something more and better which exists out of your imagination and understanding, to which if you surrendered to the universe, would be granted to you.

The Art of Allowing- Esther Hick’s Words

Because someone who trusts, lets things happen. Feel the difference between flowing with the river downstream, and climbing against the current upstream. Your work if there is any, is to trust the stream, that if you are to let go of those oars, that the law of attraction will get you to where you belong as long as you have practiced the required vibration. Drop the oars. It is not about making it happen, it is about making peace with where you are at in life. When you make peace with where you are, you stop resistance which will ultimately take you where you want. In short, you work too hard, which does not serve you. Let go. Soothe yourself when you feel the tension. Tell yourself, “There is nothing serious going on here.” Even though you don’t have the solution or an instant answer to the question, you will notice a change.

Esther Hicks

Esther Hicks always has an answer to the tough questions about life. I feel like whenever I am confused, she has the answers. These words for example, are most powerful, yet simplest words anyone can say. “Drop the oars and surrender to the flow of the universe.” The hardest thing to practice is always the easiest. It is just the irony of life. It is more natural to worry, to feel anxious, to feel overwhelm, and confused, when you have a choice to let it all go and see how it unfolds. Somehow we have been made to believe that we need to plan for everything in our life, we need to have clear goals and take the necessary action. We need to take control of our lives and do the best we can, work very hard, in order to have a successful life. Vishen Lakhiani begs to disagree. He says, working hard is the biggest lie we have been told. Why would he think that? Why would surrendering be more powerful than control? Could it be because someone or something always has our life taken care of? That something higher than our selves knows where we are in relation to what we want and how to best get us there using the path of least resistance?

I will be happy to surrender. I am telling the universe right now, “Universe, I choose to surrender to your plans for my life. I choose to accept and be at peace with where I am in my life. I surrender to you to bring to my experience every wonderful thing in the world. I am aware that there are some things in my life I have no control over, and I choose to accept them all and appreciate them, good or bad, I know they are meant for my highest good and nothing is an accident. Everything always works out for me, even when it does not seem so at the moment. Thank you for everything, big and small, good or seemingly bad, that has ever happened in my life. I am choosing to enjoy every single second of my life, to thrive in all ways and areas of my life. Please help me surrender control and trust fully in your ability to bring into my life amazing things. I am dropping those oars and I am flowing with the current of my life.”

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