Albert Einstein’s Peculiar Question to the Universe

I clicked on a you tube video where Esther Hicks AKA Abraham Hicks explained that Albert Einstein asked the universe a peculiar question. Peculiar in the sense that he could have asked a more scientific question, since he was a legend in the business but instead he asked this,

Is the Universe a friendly place?

Albert Einstein

Esther notes that Albert could have asked , “Is the universe an unfriendly place?” instead but he asked the question with positive expectation and perhaps hope and that is the wisdom we need to bring into our daily lives.

At any given point in our lives, we might find that there are many things to shutter our rose-colored glasses into a million pieces. There are fears and anxieties, triggers based on insecurities of our own and those of others, and sometimes even, these fears may be justified. It is during these moments we need to pause and ask, “Universe, will everything be okay?” , “Universe, should I relax, knowing that you are handling things for me to make me have the best experience from this life?”. Questions that bring hope to the person who is asking, and more so to the universe which is ever-listening to us, can only speed up the arrival of our wishes and desires.

Esther concluded by saying that Einstein, even as he asked his question, knew that in this universe, what you search for you shall find. If he were looking for signs in which the universe were a cruel and unforgiving place to be, he needed not even ask his question in the manner in which he did. He could have asked it in the negative, rather than positive. Therefore, it always helps to remember that which you focus on grows. So if you and I decide from this moment on, we are only going to focus on the things which are working out in our lives, we will see more of them. Whereas, on the other hand, if we choose to dwell on every little thing that’s wrong, well you know.

Lastly, it is obvious that when we are in a constant state of positive expectation, we can move from simply wishing and hoping, to a bigger vibration of attracting it or even creating it. Our brains are powerful things. We can create the reality we want to see and experience simply by imagining it and expecting it, and maintaining that state for long periods of time. Let us make our brains work for us and not against us by practicing positive thinking and expectation. If you have a hard time staying positive, maybe because you have seen the worst always being handed to you, or have that intruding little devilish voice inside you whispering how you cannot accomplish anything big, you can always listen to positive affirmations on you tube. There are so many of them you could get lost!

The Art of Allowing- Esther Hick’s Words

Because someone who trusts, lets things happen. Feel the difference between flowing with the river downstream, and climbing against the current upstream. Your work if there is any, is to trust the stream, that if you are to let go of those oars, that the law of attraction will get you to where you belong as long as you have practiced the required vibration. Drop the oars. It is not about making it happen, it is about making peace with where you are at in life. When you make peace with where you are, you stop resistance which will ultimately take you where you want. In short, you work too hard, which does not serve you. Let go. Soothe yourself when you feel the tension. Tell yourself, “There is nothing serious going on here.” Even though you don’t have the solution or an instant answer to the question, you will notice a change.

Esther Hicks

Esther Hicks always has an answer to the tough questions about life. I feel like whenever I am confused, she has the answers. These words for example, are most powerful, yet simplest words anyone can say. “Drop the oars and surrender to the flow of the universe.” The hardest thing to practice is always the easiest. It is just the irony of life. It is more natural to worry, to feel anxious, to feel overwhelm, and confused, when you have a choice to let it all go and see how it unfolds. Somehow we have been made to believe that we need to plan for everything in our life, we need to have clear goals and take the necessary action. We need to take control of our lives and do the best we can, work very hard, in order to have a successful life. Vishen Lakhiani begs to disagree. He says, working hard is the biggest lie we have been told. Why would he think that? Why would surrendering be more powerful than control? Could it be because someone or something always has our life taken care of? That something higher than our selves knows where we are in relation to what we want and how to best get us there using the path of least resistance?

I will be happy to surrender. I am telling the universe right now, “Universe, I choose to surrender to your plans for my life. I choose to accept and be at peace with where I am in my life. I surrender to you to bring to my experience every wonderful thing in the world. I am aware that there are some things in my life I have no control over, and I choose to accept them all and appreciate them, good or bad, I know they are meant for my highest good and nothing is an accident. Everything always works out for me, even when it does not seem so at the moment. Thank you for everything, big and small, good or seemingly bad, that has ever happened in my life. I am choosing to enjoy every single second of my life, to thrive in all ways and areas of my life. Please help me surrender control and trust fully in your ability to bring into my life amazing things. I am dropping those oars and I am flowing with the current of my life.”

Believe It or Not, When You Ask, It Is Given

It was just a normal day at home. The flourescent light bulb burnt in my living room and I needed to replace it. It was at night and I could not stay dark so I sent a kid to the shop to buy one. Which shop? Had absolutely no idea. I waited and waited for what seemed like a year and when the kid showed up, he had empty hands and a frustrated look of hopelessness as he complained that he went to over 5 places and every time he was sent away because somehow, tonight, I really needed them, the whole world would suddenly not sell them! I bet even the light bulb factories would break down on the day I needed them. That was my level of disappointment.

Angry at all the shops in the world which would sell everything except what I was looking for at the moment,I stormed off, without any specific destination in mind, as I muttered under my breath, “Please take me to the shop that sells a flourescent light bulb.” I walked. It felt as if my whole body just walked by itself, my will aside. I tried the first shop, the guy said he does not sell them. Just as I was about to leave, cursing in my mind “of course you don’t”, something interesting happened. A guy was sitting by the shop and heard me ask for the bulb, he said, “I know where you can get one.” I almost hugged him. He told me in detail. I left ,a little hopeful,as I set out to find the shop he described. And I bought the bulb. In fact there were so many bulbs if I needed 10 I was still going to get them.

Do you get what I am saying?

I asked something or someone or nothing to get me to what I wanted. And whatever it was listened and answered through the guy who gave me directions. This means that my going to that specific shop was not an accident either, because it took me to pass by that shop in order for the guy to tell me where to find the bulb.

Here is the thing, my simple will could not get me what I wanted. I could have gone to a hundred shops that night based on my determination and will alone, and would still have come back home empty handed. But the moment I surrendered and asked “Please take me to…” I no longer had any control and whatever or whoever it was who took over delivered. Need I say more?

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