“Tell Me What You Want to Do.”

I say it all the time, the universe talks to you. Just listen.

I was watching TV and I noticed a bizarre happening. It was as if somehow, some of the words the actors were saying applied directly to me. Yes, my logical readers will scream, “Coincidence!”, I hear you! But please entertain me for a moment, perhaps I may persuade you.

As I was saying, I was watching a show, in Korean, with subtitles. and I noticed, a scene where one actor comments to a guy who was straining too much to see, ” Take care of your eyes.” Now I want to say that I was in a dark room, within 1 meter’s distance to the screen, intently watching the 6th episode of the show. Being poor-sighted I was wearing glasses, and as you can already guess, my eyes were straining. Not yet convinced?

Yesterday, I was watching Bridgerton, and there was this scene where Daphne nervously eats grapes, I have vitamin c deficiency and I get most of my vitamin c from grapes which I remember to partake at least once in every two weeks. I had been out of town recently and I forgot to have my regular vitamin c intake. Today I got up with a sore gum. Do you get it? I must be delusional right? Haha!

Most of the times, the universe speaks in numbers, for those geeks who like codes, for me though, unless they are numbers personal to me and I have assigned them meanings particular to my case, I prefer more straightforward signs such as a catch phrase on someone’s t-shirt that says, “Never Give Up!”, “Show Them.” or other important messages that seem to appear when I need them the most. For this reason I keep a keen eye on my surroundings just so I don’t miss the hints for when the universe is addressing me. And I think you should too? I mean, what have you got to lose?

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