Reality Doesn’t Change, What Changes is You

Today, Hassan, an energetic and robust young man knocked at my door early in the morning, and woke the whole neighbourhood up. I went to check who that was, who replaced the rooster today in his job. I see Hassan, smiling at the wall or something, dressed in his usual rugs and leaning against the wall, without his shoes.

I looked at my watch, it must be at least 6:50 AM. “Hassan!” I call his name.He looks up and his eyes sparkle with excitement as if he was going to meet his soon-to-be-bride, Amina, whom he wouldn’t stop talking about. I opened the door and welcomed him in. He went up the stairs and sat just about anywhere, waiting. I shut the door and asked him where he has been all this time. I hadn’t seen him for quite a while. I told him I thought he had finally gone to his village, to wed Amina, and he wasn’t coming back to Lamu anymore. He said he had been busy doing construction work somewhere in Lamu and that is why I couldn’t see him for what seemed like forever. I asked him if he would have a cup of tea, since I hadn’t either and I was going to make some. He said no he would rather get some cleaning work done in the house first and then he would have my tea.

Hassan starts to clean and sweep and mop the house as I watch him, wondering if this, was a reality he had accepted as part of his life. Meaning no arrogance at all, my mind kept on wondering who decides who gets to be the lady and who gets to be the help. I started imagining what would happen if one day hassan woke up and realized he does not want to keep on doing this. What then, would his desire to do something else be strong enough to change his current “reality?”.

Reality does not move an inch. What changes is you. Why? Because when you realize you want something else and not what is infront of you, reality has no choice but to step away and a new one, the one you seek, finds you. If this is true, and it has worked for me before, then I will dare say, that nobody should worry about the external,as long as the internal is in check.That as long as you realize you don’t want to get angry and lose control every time something does not go your way, or be miserable and sad because someone bullied you or patronized you, as long as you focus on what you want, things will start shifting because your energy will no longer sustain what you refuse to be your circumstances. Does this make any sense?

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