Keep Sweet, Pray and Obey

Many times in my life I find myself thinking that we must be in hell. That this life is hell because it feels like torture most of the time. We somehow find ourselves get denied stuff we really need and desire and no matter how much we push on to survive, we are barely even doing that. Things get worse, wars break out, pandemics and natural disasters wipe us out, crazy inflation and the endless cases of depression make life unlivable. I know what that feels like: hell! Then how can this be any place other than hell itself, since it is in hell we are supposed to suffer?

On the other side, on those rare moments of my life, I notice a delicate, self-sustaining and loving system in nature. Rain comes down, the ground livens up and animals graze happily and endlessly on what seems like a forever stretch of green, lush grass. Day time is for action while night time is for recharging our batteries. If terrestrial nature is awesome wait until you watch the wonders in the sea and the deepest oceans of the world. Animals of all shapes and sizes, some even amazingly miraculous which could leave us baffled with awe. Walk by the sea shore during low tide, and pick up one shell and you will see God in the texture and patterns found on it. That is just a single shell. Imagine the force and genius behind every single thing ever seen or touched in the world and you will know that the original plan of whoever made these awesome things was pure love and bliss, so my question is what went wrong? Why does such a carefully and masterfully designed Earth feel like hell?

I will tell you. It is because of us! Yes, you heard me. We humans are the error in the system. We are the glitch, the virus that upsets the entire world. I know this sounds like I hate us but just imagine the Earth without us for just a second. Imagine the animal kingdom without us; it would thrive. The ecosystems and how much everything would have remained unadulterated, uncontaminated, unpolluted and harmonious without us in the picture is an unarguable fact. Without our dogmas, our greed, our water, soil and air pollution, our coal plants and inventions which demand the destruction of the planet in order to be sustained this whole world would have been in a better shape. Not to mention the social and religious systems we have created based on fear and survival. The animals we slaughter and force feed for milk, meat and coat. The utter disrespect we have for the sanctity of life is a slap of disappointment to whoever thought we would be a good addition to the creation of this world; G.o.d himself. No wonder he becomes more and more silent with each passing day, because I would be too had I been him. Imagine all the hard work and consideration which must have gone into the creation of the universe, and based on just a tiny sea shell, the mastery and intricate details that must have gone into that and then it all goes bust because of one species that thinks in order to survive, it has to destroy everything else. God must be too kind to let us live another day. He is too forgiving. If that were any of us, we would have taken care of the glitch in the system a long time ago. We would have uninstalled us from the system!

And it is not enough that we base our innovations on the destruction of the planet and its ecosystems, we also go as far as to enforce dogmas, come up with world orders and all types of manipulation to get power and control the world. We use currency to deprive others of sustenance freely given from the Earth as food by God. We draw lines in the ground to claim what we didn’t create, leaving most homeless and stateless. We deny others travel without a passport and visa as if we created the parts of the Earth from which we deny others free ingress. In order to grow in power we spread our influence across the world in the name of civilization and dictate that our way of living is the right way. We steal and take without asking in the guise of spreading the word of God and we move across the world to teach our language and we make the whole world believe in what we want. Anything else is unwelcome and barbaric. There won’t be any other way except our way!

Are you still not convinced that WE are the problem? So, no this Earthly life is not hell as I once thought, it is us humans who have turned a beautiful place into hell. It is us humans who are hell to this perfect Earth and everyone in it. I am sure as we speak, animals and oceans and everything else under the stars are petitioning or rather, have been petitioning to God to have us removed and annihilated. No wonder we have prophets talking about the judgment day and the last day and whatnot. We must go, period! How? God knows but we must go for the Earth to be safe! Sorry, I am not sorry!

It is Never that serious

Life is never that serious and it would do us a lot of good to remember that. Here is why I think so:

If life was serious enough, it would be permanent, just so we can know that everything we have worked hard for will last forever. But it is not. In fact, if it is not worse, we could cease to be alive any time of the day, anywhere in the world and in the most unexpected ways. For example, I knew someone who was so happy to be alive, the life of the party, abundant, and boastful about her travels and adventures, only for her to die in the most horrific way possible-with her head severed from the rest of her body in a dreadful accident. Did she see it coming? I doubt that. Will we see our end coming? No, because nobody receives a warning when our time is up. It just is when it is.

I think taking life seriously is detrimental to our health and wellbeing. Life wasn’t meant to be taken seriously. It was meant to be enjoyed without plans for the future or regrets about our past. In fact, I find that whenever anyone worries about saving for the future or planning for it, they lose out on the precious present moment.

I tested this theory on an ant that was walking about on my desk as I watched it curiously. I wondered where the ant was going and what it was thinking as it went round and round on the desk. Is it possible that it smelled the biscuits I was eating. I took tiny crumbs and sprinkled them on the desk to see if it would be guided by its senses to find them and sure it did. What struck me perhaps, was what happened soon thereafter. Once the ant had found some of the crumbs, it picked just one and went off to somewhere-perhaps, to call its friends over to the treasure it had found. I waited excitedly, as several more ants arrived all excited to see the crumbs. One ant in particular made me smile as it chose the biggest of them all, four times its size and struggled to pull it on one of its ends towards itself in tiny determined steps. Soon after, another ant joined in to help it carry the oversized mountainous crumb to God knows where. My question was, Why are they not eating them right there and then if they were hungry? Had it been me, I would eat to my fill first and foremost, then think about carrying some back to wherever it was they were intent on going.

A careful study of the other ants which were now gathered at the crumbs revealed some insightful wisdom. Some ants picked whatever they found first and went on their merry way, thankful for the blessing. Others picked one then another and another, and had they met with some more on their way out they probably would have picked that too. I laughed because that reminded me of us humans, we cannot have enough and it helped to know that greed is a natural instinct and not just a sign of our descent to a life of discontent.

Remember, the ant that carried the biggest crumb four times its size, well, I was astonished to find that even in the ants kingdom, ambition is ever present. That tiny little creature took on a challenge bigger than itself and didn’t get scared or worried that it couldn’t handle it. Same way, as humans we should dare to take on challenges with as much bravery as that little guy.

I wanted so very much to test the theory about living in the present moment and how that can determine whether or not we enjoy the opportunities which come in the here and now or we miss them because we are worried about tomorrow, or saving for a rainy day. I gave the ants a few more seconds before I removed the crumbs. Eventually, I was going to have to remove them anyway, because I use the desk all the time to write and read and I couldn’t have all the ants in the world show up on my desk. A few seconds after, I realized that more ants had now come, to get the crumbs which were no longer there. Some of the ants were the same ones which had seen the crumbs but didn’t eat them because either, they were thinking of saving them or going some where to get reinforcements. Either way, they missed their chance. The lesson here is that we should live in the present moment and relish in what it offers instead of worrying about tomorrow or later because later is not ours. Today, right here right now is all we have. We could be throwing our chance away by thinking or hesitating, both costing us our present and most likely our future, for how could you have a better future without a well-lived present moment?

I wish to let everyone out there know that life is not as serious as we give it credit for. Life offers us only one promise and guarantee, which is our present moment. It is up to us how we choose to live in it. It does not promise us tomorrow because it has its own events. If we live like this, a day at a time, I am sure we will live happier and more fulfilled.

Safe In Our Territories

Our God is a god of exclusivity. He made us to live on land and breath from the air with our noses, then made the fish live in water and breath through gills and also made birds whom he gave exclusive permit to use the sky(Well planes do trespass once in a while if not all the time).

The reason why we are not all traversing the same territory is arguably because, had we been all jammed into one space, we couldn’t have realized our full potential and would have ended up with no hierarchy or system of co-existence. Ecosystems are important to sustain life. And also, if one area of these territories goes bust(Ah, the pandemic, I don’t suppose fish have covid) at least the others are safe, for a while.

Life is exclusively designed. If you think this earth is complex, you haven’t yet seen how vast the universe/s could be if you looked beyond the atmosphere into space. There are millions of planets, possibly we will never know most of them in our life. There are multiverses which science hasn’t yet discovered. In fact, I don’t think we were meant to discover anything beyond our atmosphere in any personal way as we have done in the past. For example, the moon is there to help sailors lost at sea find their way back home or witches do their moon baths. It wasn’t meant for us to land on and plant our flag as if imprinting on it, saying “This is mine. I made it.”

Therefore, it is without a doubt that humans have been the most and perhaps, the only notorious species to push these territorial boundaries and go where they don’t belong. The space clearly is not our turf given that we can’t even breath there. If that is not a sign for us to stay away and mind our own business, what else would be? Just imagine a fish envisioning flying like the eagle, or an alligator suddenly seated in a classroom taking lessons on mathematics. All other species have respect for territory, unlike us. We have even found a way to breath under water for several minutes without any tools. With oxygen tanks, we could as well live there among the sharks and the whales- the latter whom we have been killing and driving to the edge of extinction.

So what has an eagle got to do to keep the planes off? What has the whale got to do to keep us off? and most importantly, what has God got to do to reinforce that, “Keep out” “No Entry” sign on the entrance of space? He could try to put up curtains made of some impenetrable material unknown to humans. Though I am sure we would find a way one way or another to penetrate, curtains or no curtains-like always.

The Tale of the Territorial Cat

These adorable, fluffy little creatures called cats inspire me. They have a special place in my heart mostly for being so criminally cute with their touch-my-heart colorful eyes and that rosy button of a nose they all carry on their faces. Perhaps, most significantly, is the fact that cats, unlike dogs, have a personality too big for their loaf of a body to contain.

Here is why I believe cats must have been gods who desired to experience life here on earth. Firstly, they have a magnetic charm that seems to attract even their worst anti-fans. They mind their business most of the time, meaning they will less likely get in your way unless they are mad at you for forgetting to give them treats. They will spend most of their day, with you as their butler, attending to their every need. All cat mums know their babies’ most favorite cat treat and food brand on the market. My cat Nam Nam for example, loves chicken-flavored dry food and for treats, juicy shrimp is his dream. He also enjoys a bowl of silver fish soaked in a little bit of water for that semi-crunchy and saucy bite.

Cats are like royals, they have excellent table manners, wipe after they eat and groom themselves at least ten times a day to stay well kept and orderly- just like royals. Although, I haven’t been able to understand their passionate dislike for water and I advise you to find someone else to help you with your laundry because your cat will not! A beautiful munchkin is probably what I will come back as when I reincarnate in my next lifetime. I would make sure to find a human who loves me to death so I can live my life like a queen that I know I will be.

Another interesting fact about cats is that they are the best slappers in the history of civilization. They will slap common sense into anyone who threatens to violate their personal space when they don’t feel like being pet. They will slap you if you kiss them before you brush your teeth(ew!) because being one of the animals with the most heightened sense of smell, you can imagine how disgusted they would be to smell your morning breath. That is why if anyone ever wants that smooch or kiss from a cat, they need to groom themselves or at least take lessons from their cat on how to do that!

Finally, these adorable little creatures should replace the statute of liberty or some other iconic landmark anywhere in the world because they have the potential to stop wars and depression with their magnetic charm and cuteness! Happy cat day!

My Name Is Nam Nam

Hi! I am Nam Nam. I am 1 years old. I am a male cat and my mum tells me I was a teeny weeny kitten when she first met me. She said she fell in love with me at first sight! I love my mummy a lot!

I am a good cat. I don’t cause any troubles except for the occasional poop accidents at home. I love my home, it has a balcony, my favorite spot for an afternoon nap. I get time to go outside and play too. I have several friends, we play a lot. I also have a girlfriend, her name is orange. She has the most beautiful eyes ever! I sneak outside the house when mum is not around to see her.

Mum is busy all throughout the week, but granny is there to keep me company. She likes to give me meat which I enjoy a lot. In the evenings, when mum is back from work, she calls me and I run to greet her. She always comes with delicious gifts. Yesterday, she surprised me with delicious chicken, my favorite food.

Read to the end to see more cool photos. Let’s be friends shall we?

Your friend,

Nam Nam.


Me, resting after a meal.

Me, outdoors.

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