What hard truths of life does everyone need to realize?

  1. The best place or thing has equally the worst thing about them just like your best attribute can also be your worst.
  2. If you encounter hate and enmity it is a sign you are better off than your enemies and they cannot handle it.
  3. Life will give you the same circumstances you hate unless you learn from them.
  4. The law of attraction works. It is responsible for every miserable thing you have encountered in the past. In order to change that you have to change your vibration to match what you want to experience and see.
  5. In my experience, the most accomplished people are the humblest whereas those who have made little achievements in life are the bossiest.
  6. We are all connected as one. Separation is an illusion. Therefore, be mindful of the state of those most near you as well as those far away if you can. Support as much as possible because the universe in you would not be fine if it ignored the universe in others.
  7. Life is predetermined. This is clearly repeated and emphasized in the book “The Alchemist.” If you really believe everything in your life is there for a reason, you would not worry or resist.
  8. Be like water and flow. Go around your obstacles and not against.
  9. Trust in the reason as to why you exist. You take one day at a time and slow down your clock.
  10. Get clear on what you want to experience in this lifetime. A home, what kind? where? Is it all glass does it have a pool is there a garden? A spouse? Is he or she tall do they love the same things? Get specific. Don’t let the universe guess what you want. It does not have the time because we are so many in the world. Get specific get faster results.

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