A Frozen Flower- Trust me you’d want to watch this movie and here’s why

I have no words to describe this one. I have watched it countless times and every time I don’t skip. It is one of those love-at-first-sight movies which will have you come back again and again, why? Because no other movie in the same genre could compare!

The story goes like this…

There was a fairly handsome, loyal and reserved king. He is kind and cares a lot about his group of scouts which he trained and supervised. This group of scouts were young boys slightly younger than he was. They literally grew up together. The king is shown to particularly like one devoted boy scout, who was very much dedicated to the group’s main purpose, which was to serve and protect the king, even with their lives. This boy would train into the night and for this reason he grew closer to his king.

The boy grew up to become a strong, handsome chief of the scouts and we are shown that his closeness with the king, who is now this tender, fiercely loyal and dotting authoritative man, has become into a full-blown love affair.

Does the king have a wife?

Yes indeed. He is married to a beautiful woman who has not had any chance to get close to him because the king is busy showing affection and making love to his chief of scouts. The wife upto this day, had not even had her first night with the king. That just goes to show how fast this marriage was going to go down the drain.

Now, political marriages are always about heirs. This one was no different. The king was not going to get away with not bedding his wife for very long, because the pressure for an heir was just too intense, as to cause some ministers in his court to plot to dethrone him, using lack of heirs as the excuse.

The Conundrum

Now what would an impotent king who could not bed his wife do to secure his throne? All he had to do was ask his lover, the chief of scouts, to bed his wife in his stead. Whaaaat?!! You heard me right. He asked and of course his lover refused but you see , their relationship was always going to be defined by a servant-master status because being the king, he could not be refused since anything he said was considered a decree. This dynamic between them, you could say, will be responsible for many problems to come, and most significantly, you could say, it was this very dynamic of king and subject which robbed the king and his chief, of any real chance at true love devoid of duty, especially on the part of the chief of scouts.

The Falling Tower

The chief, upon tasting some of that juicy sweetness served by her majesty, lost his bearings and almost forgot that he had any duty to love his king. The biggest loser in this whole business is the king because he loved with his all and gave it all away the moment he asked something he should not have.

A lesson to us all, always choose the person who will love you like there is no tomorrow. Also, when faced between lust-come-love and loyalty, choose loyalty. If I were the chief, I would love my king with all I have got, because his love and care was so tender, giving and so possessive of course, something I die for. I could do anything to have been the person to whom the king was making love in that intense bed scene between them(yes, the movie has several very hot bed scenes). In this sense, I agree with the deputy chief who, like me, wish we could swipe places with the chief. The chief can chase her majesty’s skirt all he wants, for it is loyalty and tenderness that is found in true love, and not in sneaking in library corridors for midnight booty calls.

What can I say, those who have a good thing always end up not seeing its value and instead leave it for something less.

You Don’t Have To Fight Anymore

Dear all of you who have been in hell,

You don’t have to fight anymore!

You survived. You came through to the other side of hell. You no longer have to take a defensive stance anymore. You are safe.

I know the place you have come from. A place which made you suffocate. A toxic home environment. A narcissistic ex. A deal gone wrong. Cancer. Heartbreak and pain. That place made you scared. It is a dark place to be at. You held on with all your strength. And had to borrow some. You refused to give up. You wanted to so much, but you could not pack up and run. Because where else would you go? Who cared enough about what you had been through. All people saw was a wreck. All people heard in your cries was complaints. They would not understand. No they just don’t care. Because it is not happening to them. They will only care to judge, saying, ” Oh you have changed!”. How do they expect you to remain the same, when all that you went through alone took such a toll on your very essence as a soul. Don’t they remember the wars you had to fight alone? One against them all? How could they forget your dark nights of the soul? Those moments you wished you had died. But alive you still remained. How would they know? They would not understand. You gave your all in the fight. But the dark hole took just as much as well. It took your smile. Your free spirit. It stole your heart and turned it to bile. It made sure you would always stay afraid. Afraid of trusting in the world. Afraid of opening your heart. Your softness turned into aggression. Your warmth to ice. You built walls. As high up as the sky. Nobody could break through to reach your true self. You stayed alert. Always weary of others’ intentions. You don’t need to fight anymore. The worst is over.

What hard truths of life does everyone need to realize?

  1. The best place or thing has equally the worst thing about them just like your best attribute can also be your worst.
  2. If you encounter hate and enmity it is a sign you are better off than your enemies and they cannot handle it.
  3. Life will give you the same circumstances you hate unless you learn from them.
  4. The law of attraction works. It is responsible for every miserable thing you have encountered in the past. In order to change that you have to change your vibration to match what you want to experience and see.
  5. In my experience, the most accomplished people are the humblest whereas those who have made little achievements in life are the bossiest.
  6. We are all connected as one. Separation is an illusion. Therefore, be mindful of the state of those most near you as well as those far away if you can. Support as much as possible because the universe in you would not be fine if it ignored the universe in others.
  7. Life is predetermined. This is clearly repeated and emphasized in the book “The Alchemist.” If you really believe everything in your life is there for a reason, you would not worry or resist.
  8. Be like water and flow. Go around your obstacles and not against.
  9. Trust in the reason as to why you exist. You take one day at a time and slow down your clock.
  10. Get clear on what you want to experience in this lifetime. A home, what kind? where? Is it all glass does it have a pool is there a garden? A spouse? Is he or she tall do they love the same things? Get specific. Don’t let the universe guess what you want. It does not have the time because we are so many in the world. Get specific get faster results.

All Hail the Queen and Her Very Sharp Sword

There is no short cut to life. To live you must learn and in doing so you grow. I am the queen of swords. For those who don’t know what this means it is a card in tarot showing a queen holding a sword. She looks sharp in all her ways. Sharp-tongued, is one of her famous traits. She cuts with her words, is straightforward and frank like the colourless glass. She leaves no room for anyone to guess what she means. Where is her softness? Where is her heart? What happened to her warmth? Her femininity? What happened to this queen for her to take up the sword and defend herself from all those who come close, too close for her comfort?

I am this queen. It comes as a shock to me because my nature is warm and soft-spoken. It clashes with my self-image of being a very loving person with lots of love and warmth to give to the world. What happened to me in the past that I must stay alone and keep others at bay? Why won’t I allow myself to connect with others? Did someone hurt me? Did something break my trust in others? Was it the lack of love and warmth in my childhood? Was it the heart-breaking relationships?

Trust me when you look at me, you will likely misjudge me. Which means, how I have become on the outside is a sharp contrast to my true inner self. My soul wants to connect with others. It craves for social networking and meeting new people. It wants to relish in every experience and travel the world. Most importantly it does not want to hide but rather, to be heard. How come my personality and exterior are so isolated and sharp? How do I tell the queen of swords to go take a break? How can my soul come forth and express itself freely without fear of judgement or ridicule? How do I allow myself to connect and welcome others into my life? How do I give those who did me dirty, second chances?How do I forgive?

Today I confirmed my status as the queen of swords. Tears would not stop racing down my cheeks, as I begged to whoever was listening to free me from my prison. A prison I did not know I was in. I begged to heal my heart . It must have been dead all this time. It must have cried and cried for help in its last moments but finally gave up and died. “Help me.” Can I bring it back to life? “Please help me, I don’t want to be alone for the rest of my life. I don’t want to keep others away. I don’t want to hold grudges against anyone anymore. I don’t want to cut others off because they disappointed me or let me down. Please help me express my innermost nurturing and accommodating self to the world. Please, please!”

I came to this world to learn to connect and forgive others by loving them without judging them and giving them second chances when they hurt me. What did you come to this world to learn?Comment below.

Albert Einstein’s Peculiar Question to the Universe

I clicked on a you tube video where Esther Hicks AKA Abraham Hicks explained that Albert Einstein asked the universe a peculiar question. Peculiar in the sense that he could have asked a more scientific question, since he was a legend in the business but instead he asked this,

Is the Universe a friendly place?

Albert Einstein

Esther notes that Albert could have asked , “Is the universe an unfriendly place?” instead but he asked the question with positive expectation and perhaps hope and that is the wisdom we need to bring into our daily lives.

At any given point in our lives, we might find that there are many things to shutter our rose-colored glasses into a million pieces. There are fears and anxieties, triggers based on insecurities of our own and those of others, and sometimes even, these fears may be justified. It is during these moments we need to pause and ask, “Universe, will everything be okay?” , “Universe, should I relax, knowing that you are handling things for me to make me have the best experience from this life?”. Questions that bring hope to the person who is asking, and more so to the universe which is ever-listening to us, can only speed up the arrival of our wishes and desires.

Esther concluded by saying that Einstein, even as he asked his question, knew that in this universe, what you search for you shall find. If he were looking for signs in which the universe were a cruel and unforgiving place to be, he needed not even ask his question in the manner in which he did. He could have asked it in the negative, rather than positive. Therefore, it always helps to remember that which you focus on grows. So if you and I decide from this moment on, we are only going to focus on the things which are working out in our lives, we will see more of them. Whereas, on the other hand, if we choose to dwell on every little thing that’s wrong, well you know.

Lastly, it is obvious that when we are in a constant state of positive expectation, we can move from simply wishing and hoping, to a bigger vibration of attracting it or even creating it. Our brains are powerful things. We can create the reality we want to see and experience simply by imagining it and expecting it, and maintaining that state for long periods of time. Let us make our brains work for us and not against us by practicing positive thinking and expectation. If you have a hard time staying positive, maybe because you have seen the worst always being handed to you, or have that intruding little devilish voice inside you whispering how you cannot accomplish anything big, you can always listen to positive affirmations on you tube. There are so many of them you could get lost!

The Reason We Are Where We Are With Those We Are With

I am sure the universe is vast and nobody has been able to grasp all of it in one message, not even Abraham Hicks. For this reason, I am not going to declare that the truth I am about to submit in the coming sentences, is the ultimate truth of the entire universe, but rather, it is indeed the truth I have arrived at based on my experience in my own universe.

Firstly. I would like for us to be on the same page about one thing: There are no accidents; the people we meet as well as the situations we find ourselves in, have all been orchestrated for us to teach us, to humble us, to reinforce our strengths and purpose, and mostly to grow us.

Secondly, CHOICE or personal choice in this matter, is really not one of those black and white kind-of-things like there is oxygen, and then there is carbon dioxide, and neither of them can be either, or in any way similar to each other, on the contrary, look at our will to choose the things we want in life as to be something that falls in the grey lines. What I am trying to say is, we have not been robbed off of this ability to choose what we want, but at the same time we cannot give ourselves credit for most things that we ended up finding ourselves in, which have nothing to do with what we wanted to be part of our experience in the first place. In other words, we might think we had a choice in most of our life’s circumstances, but the truth appears to be, there is a whole big picture that we missed to see, and it turns out, the person, or thing, or universe, or whoever it is who knew better, orchestrated our hand to choose that thing we thought we wanted thinking it was based on our own choice, because in the long run, it is what is good for us or rather, what we need at that particular moment. Am I making any sense? I am trying here.

Now that we are reading from the same book, I would like to say that it seems to me as if all of us, have codes or rather, colors. It is as though we all put out a frequency of the things we need or the lessons we must go through, and those frequencies call out the people or situations, within our proximity( or from the entire world/universe God knows), towards us. These situations and people are an exact match to what we need to learn in order to grow. So let us say for example, that Elizabeth has a weakness of spending too much money and cannot save for a rainy day, her frequency will light up a color or vibration to which a soul nearby or in some cases, far away, will pick the vibration. Now, what is most interesting, is the fact that the one who picks the vibration, normally has to learn the exact opposite of what he has to teach Elizabeth. In this case, whereas, Elizabeth spends too much money, the guy who picks the vibration, Mohammed, will likely be someone who fears not having enough money in future, and saves every penny, spending money only on absolute necessities to stay alive. Haha! That was extreme, but you get my idea. Similarly, if Fatma is always too serious with life and keeps to herself, she is likely to attract a person who is outgoing and has not been serious a day in his life!

Now I am not saying that this applies only to people, you can attract a workplace, a home, a country, or any other situation which has something to teach you and is best suited to your needs-spiritual, soul needs- in that specific moment, which later, you will realize will turn out to be an important and transformative period of your life.

So I advise myself and others, to always surrender to where you are right now. You might hate it, you might fight it, you might think you could be better somewhere else, with someone else, but if you could just entertain the thought that what if, perhaps, you are where you need to be right now? What if perhaps, by running away from that which discomforts you, you are only postponing the lesson to be retaken another day, with someone else, somewhere else(which will not be easier or kinder this time around than the first)? That is why, it is less advised to run away from our problems, because they are there for a reason. Imagine if we went to school and decided we were not going to take any assessment, no exams, never! Would we be here right now? Would I be able to communicate with you in English, which is not my mother tongue?(Just saying).

It would serve our best interests to be fast learners so we can move on to the next stage and the next after that. The secret to this, is not to resist or escape, but to quickly identify what the situation is trying to teach you and master the lesson. I guarantee you, once successfully learned, that nasty situation or person who has been a thorn in your neck for what seemed like forever, will automatically, energetically, exit your conscious awareness or experience, and your new-found stronger, wiser, more self-loving self, will be somewhere else, enjoying and attracting situations and people, better suited to your new self. I am not saying you will no longer find any challenging people or situations, but they will not be the same old ones because those have served their purpose and have thus exited your experience and are no longer applying. In the case someone misses the lesson, well we all know know what happens in college when we fail a unit. We retake it. It inconveniences us because we now have to take on extra work and we cannot fail a retake, unless we are certified perpetual re-takers licensed by the World Association of Chronic Re-takers of Tests! In my opinion, this explains why we find ourselves going through the same toxic relationships, or people, over and over again. To break the cycle, the lesson must be learned and applied.

Aaron Doughty- How We Give Meaning to Our Life

I don’t know if you guys know Aaron Doughty, a famous you tuber who specializes in law of attraction and other awesome secrets abut how the universe works. Anyway, this guy has a huge following and I have heard several people and other you tubers talk about him, recommending him for eye-opening information and other ground-shaking truths only someone blessed by the universe such as him would know. Today I listened to him talk about what he termed as, “the secret that will transform your life- use it onl for good,” and it was about how we attach meaning to people and situations in our lives and how that has made it harder for us to let go of those things simply because we chose to give them value and hence power over our lives.

He went on to say that that was the reason why we cannot move on from a job we hate or a toxic relationship that’s draining us. He was insistent about the fact that we create meaning and the same way we can, if required, change the way we see things and situations in our lives. For example, someone who believes that law of attraction does not exist and there is no way someone can get the things they want simply by feeling as if they already have them, this person is unlikely to see this law manifest in their life, whereas, if someone is adamant in their belief that yes the law exists and nothing is impossible to achieve as long as you level up in the vibration which matches what you seek to have and enjoy,this person is guaranteed to see this law manifest in his life.

What we fail to understand is that we can choose what we want to believe. What is more interesting to know is that the meaning you ascribe to something becomes your reality. But, that does not mean you are not allowed to change it and hence change your life!You can always choose which meaning serves you and which does not. Anyone can do this. So it begs the question then, why are many of us choosing not to? Why are we so skeptical of these amazing secrets of the universe, one main one being, the law of attraction, that we are willing to remain stuck in our old ways of powerlessness and misery. Why do we give away the God-given ability to get anything we want and enjoy this life?



Our Anxieties

There is a reason why we get scared. I once met someone who had a panic attack every time they thought they would stay hungry. To prevent this from happening, they would buy lots of food that they don’t even need. Another person was so scared of being broke he would get sick when his account dropped below three figures! It is obvious that these people had had traumas in the past about this stuff they cannot do without.

There is a normal level of anxiety for example, the kind that students experience before an exam, or the type which leaves you breathless as you anticipate your first date with your crush. Then there is the crippling monster of fear which paralyzes you and leaves you dysfunctional.

I equate this fear to annoying, theiving ants who bombard your food ration, like a destructive and malicious army of sneaky theives.

After observing several people, including myself, suffer in the hands of this monster, I came up with anxiety hypothesis:

Every fear or anxiety is related to a past trauma. Therefore, in order to heal from it one has to heal the trauma from the past.

It might be hard to realize why you break down or go into full blown panic attack in the face of this problem or that, but once you observe your behavior and response in the triggering situations, you will see it when it is coming and get an upperhand in controlling it from robbing you off of your joy and peace. Anxiety is the enemy, but this enemy is not unconquerable!

Here is A Reason Why You Should Fast This Month

Fasting speeds up the manifestation of your desires. Muslims all over the world began fasting recently, a tradition which is known for many benefits such as gaining spiritual enlightenment, body detoxification, weight loss, and the obvious reason of worshipping and getting closer to God. However, did you know that fasting can accelerate the manifestation of your desires? The fasting in Ramadhan is the kind which requires you to abstain from all desires of the flesh, such as food, water, sex, and others, from dawn till sunset, every day for 30 days. It is believed, during this time, a Muslim becomes stronger and through this temporary detachment from physical needs, they level up spiritually to a place which can only be accessed by disconnecting from earthly desires or desires of the 3D world, Godliness.

It therefore, makes sense to hear stories about fasting which have made people, just because they abstained from food or drink, attract and manifest their desires at the speed of light. It goes to say, that it might be because a lot that is delaying our manifestation of what we want , has to do with the food we eat. It also goes on to prove the theory that humans were not supposed to eat for example, three meals a day, but one was enough to sustain us. In fact, eating more food could have opposite results and lead us to become lethargic or cause our minds to lose concentration. Monks, like Sadhguru, comment on the enormous power present in abstaining from too much food. He says that he eats only one meal very early at dawn and it is enough to keep him functioning throughout the day at amazingly high energy and vibes.

Food, as depicted in the movie, The Croods, was hard to get. The competition was fierce and if a person managed to eat even a tiny amount, they were fine. I will argue that perhaps, it was this way of living, which made our ancestors resilient to many diseases we have today such as blood sugar and pressure. It is therefore, very important for the body to rest from eating and indulging and Muslims, Christians, atheists alike, all have their unique ways to practice this powerful tradition of fasting.

Being Okay With What Is

The phrase Never Give Up is pretty much misunderstood to mean fighting for the thing we want and never giving in to what we don’t like happening in our lives. I believe this is a deficient way of looking at it.

Never giving up should actually mean never give up your joy in any moment of your life. It should be interpreted to mean never put conditions to your happiness.Always find that one tiny reason to be happy. It means to accept what is in the domain of fate and to stop worrying yourself over things you cannot control.

The real pain only begins when we are in a state of non-acceptance with the goings-on of our life. The moment you decide you are not happy because of 1,2,3 things, is the moment you tell your brain to stop finding joy!

I believe we experience a blissful state of inner peace when we are okay with what is presented before us, especially the stuff we cannot change about our life. Whereas, we can change who we are friends with, where we work, what we eat and where we travel, there are some things, no matter how much we try, are beyond our say in the matter. This is the stuff which I think should be made peace with and accepted in order for us to enjoy the rest of our life and the parts we love about it.

In order for us to be freed from our endless search of conditional happiness, we must first learn to let go of control and resistance to life and what is happening around us and to us. If we can be like the three laughing monks depicted in chinese history and just laugh away at life like it is this one big joke (which it is,really), we can find freedom from sadness and pain.

Esther Hicks says, when we fight against what we don’t like we create resistance with what we want to happen. Letting it all go and simply being in a state of flow with what is happening and refusing to be bothered by it, may just as well be what it takes to find happiness which lasts.

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