Animal Prophet

  • Mum, Where Do We Come from?

    Hi again! It is your friend, Nam Nam.

    Today I asked mummy where I came from. She hugged me and said I was a gift sent from heaven to make her life beautiful. Of course I don’t know where heaven is but it looked like very far up in the sky where mummy was pointing. I asked mummy why my friends from the neighbourhood sleep outside and look hungry all the time. She said, “Baby, not everyone accepts the gift of love into their life, to nurture it and grow it.”

    “Oh, okay.” I replied. Not fully understanding what she meant. I hope heaven would send us food.

  • My Name Is Nam Nam

    Hi! I am Nam Nam. I am 1 years old. I am a male cat and my mum tells me I was a teeny weeny kitten when she first met me. She said she fell in love with me at first sight! I love my mummy a lot!

    I am a good cat. I don’t cause any troubles except for the occasional poop accidents at home. I love my home, it has a balcony, my favorite spot for an afternoon nap. I get time to go outside and play too. I have several friends, we play a lot. I also have a girlfriend, her name is orange. She has the most beautiful eyes ever! I sneak outside the house when mum is not around to see her.

    Mum is busy all throughout the week, but granny is there to keep me company. She likes to give me meat which I enjoy a lot. In the evenings, when mum is back from work, she calls me and I run to greet her. She always comes with delicious gifts. Yesterday, she surprised me with delicious chicken, my favorite food.

    Read to the end to see more cool photos. Let’s be friends shall we?

    Your friend,

    Nam Nam.


    Me, resting after a meal.

    Me, outdoors.

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