I love to read and write. I find every book to be this universe of interesting people and adventure waiting for me to explore them. I could live on an island with only books as entertainment and I would be fulfilled and happy( of course an occasional movie or two wouldn’t hurt, would it?). More than reading, I enjoy writing about life and common sense. Word on the street is I have a lot of wisdom to teach others which I attribute to my curiosity for the meaning of life. I would say, on average per year, I go through at least a hundred moments of existential crises where I don’t know who I am or why I have to be here with the rest of you, humans. Anyway, I use writing and reading to channel this curiosity so it doesn’t lead to a revolution against God for making us without our permission(haha). For the above reasons, I think I am interesting enough for others to read about me and my life. Welcome aboard!

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