Dearest reader I know it can be very hard to set boundaries with family and friends especially if you have been people-pleasing for so long. But I am here to tell you that that could be exactly what you need to do to preserve your mental health and peace of mind.

There are moments in our life when we find ourselves depleted and utterly crushed because of all the demands from the people around us: demands for our time, energy and attention. Mostly you will find that you are the only one doing and giving the most almost always. In fact, if you look deeper you will realize that most people if not all, including dear family and friends are self-preserving and rarely if ever go out of their way to do half as much as you would do for them in a heart beat. Well, I am here to tell you that now is high time you set some very firm boundaries around these people. And oh! They are many. In fact, what I have realized is this: For as long as you keep giving, they will keep taking. That includes money, your time, your care and compassion, your sacrifices and your very soul. Once it is time for them to lend a hand or support you even just with an encouraging word for when you are depressed or lonely, they are nowhere to be found. This has happened to me so much in romantic (if you could call them that, if not parasitic) relationships. Men have come and gone, taken what they didn’t deserve and left me broken and crushed. They didn’t care for me or love me as much as I thought they did. For this reason, I am dedicating my entire heart to Jesus alone. For he only can love me the way I want to be loved. And for other things which he cannot do, well, he could always send my way someone from his people who could do everything. Thank you Jesus, my sweet lord and savour.

How the Holy Spirit REALLY Works

Dearest reader, I once read an article about how youth are struggling with staying on the path of righteousness away from sin because of the many temptations surrounding us, one main one being sexual feelings. Myself I have been fighting the same battle which has been leaving me sometimes feeling hopeful and others, quite distressed. I think my worst fear was thinking that the Holy Spirit would literally run away from me because of how many times I would fall into sin.

However, as if to comfort me, God made me see this You Tube short today about how the holy spirit actually works. And no, thankfully he doesn’t jump ship the moment we make a mistake, but instead he lovingly steers us back on track by inspiring us to do better.

For those interested to learn more about that check out this link( it is safe, obviously, you guys should trust me by now😁):

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