Persuasion, the movie-Are You Persuaded?

Just a few breaths into the movie and I could feel something’s off. Well I persuaded myself to venture in further all thanks to Dakota, my girl from FSG and just then, an interesting scene about octopuses comes up:

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Dakota playing Jane blurts out of nowhere:

Sometimes I have this dream that a giant octopus is sucking my face and as I struggle to get free I realize that my hands are tentacles and I can’t push it off. And then I realize of course that I AM the octopus and I am sucking my own face.

Jane in Persuasion.

Now, I don’t know about you guys but this scene right here is everything. Only if the makers of this film could make the movie more about that scene than anything else, I personally think it would have made into the top ten list of my favorite comedies of the year! I could tell through replaying the scene over and over again that Dakota tried so hard not to crack up as she said these most humorous words I have ever heard in a serious, socially-awkward, otherwise-proper setting such as the one in this film. In fact these words were so impactful to me that my mind immediately scareamed in delight, “Oh, that is so stanzi of her to say!”. Now if you don’t know who that is, let me enlighten you, with a warning however, for you will never be the same after. stanzi is a youtuber who uses sarcasm and dark humor to basically put us all in our places. Aside from that, I swear I haven’t seen anyone on the internet today more obsessed about octopuses than her! In particular, octopus p**n. So this scene just makes the whole movie worth something for me.

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