Why Do We Date People?

We date people to find out who and what type of person we want and need in our life. There are so many characters in this world and if you are not careful, you may end up with the least compatible partner for life. In fact, I have noticed that men and women from my hometown date people and sometimes they may find that one person who is just so right in so many ways, but what happens next will shock you: They end up marrying a completely opposite person they just met and barely know.

Why do men and women from my hometown do this beats me. It beats the entire purpose of dating which is to find the one for you. That person is least likely to be a stranger you are meeting for the first time and seeing their photo for a first meeting, no. It is highly likely to be that person you have known for a while now and fought with and gotten back together for a couple hundred times. That is the person you can’t live without and you just made a huge mistake marrying anyone else but them.

It is for this reason I believe that dating is an important first step that will show you who is right. If in a couple months you find things you hate about the person, it is also dating that allows you the chance to avoid making a big mistake. Jump this step and you risk some horrid surprises after marriage. I personally date to find who I can stand and who I can’t. If someone is not a right fit I feel it right away because of my highly sensitive emotional radar I can tell on the face of it if we are going to get along or not. This helps me avoid so much, or it is going to help me do that since my past relationships have not been the best so far. But that was then and this is now. I am wiser today and more prepared to smell out anyone who is not the one.

And the question comes, “who is the one?” Well allow me to tell you.

My dream man is well-mannered, gentle, loves and appreciates the arts and creative pursuits of all types. He has a healthy relationship with money and focuses on his personal growth and is spiritually awakened. He is beautiful to look at and has a pair of the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. I could get lost in them, that is how stunningly captivating they are. He loves to have fun and is respectful and kind to me. He loves animals and keeps a pet or two in his home. He enjoys nature and the beach so much so that he must spend time there regularly. He enjoys learning new things and has his own passion which he doesn’t neglect. He makes money alright but that is not the biggest thing on his mind because he understands how money truly works and inculcates gratitude in his daily life. He loves food and appreciates eating and dining out. He enjoys my company and I his and is physically attractive. We become best buddies and live our happy little life unbothered by the outside world. We make love, not war and look out for one another and still make each other feel valued and free to pursue their interests and other things. Ah I almost forgot! He doesn’t demand if he wants something but politely helps me to want to do it for him. He is far from being entitled and is helpful and reliable, thoughtful and kind.

My dream man is worth the wait. He is worth it. I will be patient and wait for him and I want him to know that he is so loved and cared for. He is my best friend and I love him so very much. Come soon into my life I will be waiting with open arms and a grateful heart. Love you!

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