Moving Forward

Regret is a bad habit. I have been doing that a lot lately. Sometimes I look at my life choices and find myself wishing I had chosen something else. However, I realize now that whatever happened happened and it is time to move on from the “what should have beens” and “I wish I hads”.

Que Sera Sera does not only apply to the future as most people think, for me, it is a great reminder that had my past self also been singing this song back at that time, all these things I regret today would have taken place anyway and perhaps I would have accepted them better and just moved on.

In hindsight, I regretted many things. I wish I had not rejected him, I wish I had listened to my heart, I wish I made my passion my career of choice, I wish, I wish. The list is endless! Today, I am choosing to be kinder to myself and recognize that everything had to happen to teach me. I am wiser today because of those things I regret. In fact, regret is just a waste of emotional energy and a form of self-hate in some way. It achieves nothing except self-blame and leads to stagnation because we are too busy holding onto the past and replaying things which have long gone. In addition, it keeps us stuck and we cannot move on from the past or forward into the future. We are always looking back, glancing to see what life would have been had we made a different choice.

Therefore, I am choosing to move forward, confident that I am wiser today than I was yesterday. To do that, I am releasing all the “what if” scenarios in my mind and the people too. There is no going back, only forward. Onwards and upwards, never backwards!

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