Bubbles of Choices

Dear reader, has it ever occured to you how this life works? I have a theory.

While laying in my bed last night as I was drifting into sleep I had an epiphany of sorts. I realized that our entire lives are about choices. The choice between A and B, C or D and whether you choose A or B you immediately activate a what I would like to call, “Choice Bubble” which is basically this timeline of pre-determined events in alignment with that specific choice and which we have to see through to their natural conclusion.

In other words, this means that for example, if I chose marriage of convenience over one for love, I would find myself walking into a reality designed to offer me everything else except what I gave up. Meaning I could get what I wanted easily or not depends on the intention I had put and the willingness of the other party to participate in helping me get what I want and the rest of the journey will be determined by a series of reactions by catalysts one after another of previous and subsequent actions done to actualize that main goal.

To help you understand this more clearly apply it to two of the most recent choices you had to make. It could be simple choices like choosing to go to KFC for dinner instead of Pizza Hut or Subway. You can say the people you will meet and the type of food you will have and how much you will enjoy each one depends on a lot of things, but mostly the first step begins with making that choice. Let us say, I go to KFC I know what I am signing up for which is crispy chicken. There are also other alternatives like burgers, sliders and nuggets but there is no way I would find a pizza there being one of the main foods they serve. Also, if I was really craving bread and pickles I would choose Subway and not KFC. It is just the same with those bug life decisions which we make everyday. What we choose opens up a bubble in which lies the reality of what is naturally the result of that choice.

Perhaps the most important question is what happens when you make a choice that gets you in an unpleasant bubble which you want out of but don’t know how to get out? And can you go back and undo the choice you made if you don’t like the reality your choice activated in your life? From my personal experience, I don’t think that that is possible. Why? Because remember, life is energy and it keeps moving. Nothing ever stays stagnant to wait for us to decide or to come back to it later after time has passed. Even the other choices shift along with the one you made. For example, yo almost got married but you broke the engagement to travel the world. You chose freedom over love and the world or the program in which all of life is set upon shifts along with your choice. In that case, it is as if life is a live map whose direction shifts every millisecond of our lives as we choose one path over another our path unfolds in real time. So if you chose to travel, the destinations will align, where you will go whom you will meet. The ultimate goal being freedom. On the other hand, the choice you passed over will not remain the same, because the program or algorithm will have planned a series of events Which would have opened up for that person had you not chosen to marry him. For example, he would meet someone else and marry them, start a family or move to another part of the world, become gay or whatever. But it will not stop just because you chose a different path. Now the rule here is simple: once you have chosen a bubble, you must see it through to its natural conclusion. In other words, once you go one way, there is no going back and that is because the map has changed completely and new paths have been paved. Even if for example, you were to desire returning to something you left before, it wouldn’t be anything like you left it.

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