What The FLUFF #2

So dear reader, as I was saying, I wish life wasn’t demanding anything from me. I wish I didn’t have to work hard for anything. I wish there were no deadlines or rules, I wish I was free.

We might think we are free now to do as we please but mostly we are not. Think about school for instance: It has become law that every toddler as soon as they say their first word, must be put in a uniform and sent away to school. Staying with my little sister of 9 years was the most eye-opening time for me. She left to go to school at the crack of dawn. She is scared of her teachers if she gets late. She jumps up in her bed every single night every now to check if she is late. She hardly ever eats her food properly in fear of being late. she only has one day off from school in a whole week and when she returns from school at close to 6:00 PM which is 12 hours of school, she attends yet another learning program for an hour and a half. And she is just 9! I was afraid for my own children which I will have in future.

I want to let it be known out there that life has become more about working hard and following the system rather than living. My sister is in class 2 at 9 years old she has about two decades of learning waiting for her if not more. Which means she has about two or more decades of crippling fear of being late, food disorders, exam anxiety and God knows what else. I feel sorry for her and sad about the children who were born in this time. The system is not being kind to them. The system needs some serious review.

If I were to count how much time I have lost to the system, it would be all of it. Yes, minus the first two years before I learned to say , “MAMA”.I don’t recall being free since then. It was school after school and exam after exam. Nobody asked if I wanted to learn so much for so long. It was expected of us. It was the norm which then became the law. I wonder how my life would have been had I given something else that much attention and time. I would never know now, would I?

It is this type of living I am tired of. The kind where you have to follow the system which exists because some people decided is should. I think life is meant to be lived in the here and now, not be spent away in some system which demands decades of our life and doesn’t help us when we need real time help.

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