Make A Wish

Wishes take time to manifest, so make a wish now ahead of time.

Yesterday was just an ordinary day for me or so I had thought. Instead, I received a wish I had made four years earlier which after several attempts at waiting for it I had given up hope about. It came, on my silver platter, without any effort except, this time, I wasn’t too enthusiastic about it. Time had gone by, a lot had happened since then and excitement turned into indifference. I am confused as to how I should feel about finally getting what I used to want.

This made me realize that the wishes we make at any time in our life do come true, sometime later however, it is not going to be any time soon so for those of us who want what we want right now or not at all, how will you fare in the arrangement of things?

I am convinced that no desire we put out into the universe goes unanswered, it just seems that way because we are too impatient and when that wish does come true for us a few years later, we have moved on and forgotten how much we wanted it so bad before. Is there a medicine for this type of illness? I don’t know.

Dang! I wish it had come when I desperately wanted it! Was my mood the whole of yesterday and today. What this teaches me is that I need to get serious about my wishes and desires and start setting the right intentions sooner rather than later. I need to plan what I really want in my heart gor my future and start the manifestation process well in advance because that is how it works. If you want to enjoy something tomorrow you should have set your intention yesterday, not wait until today or tomorrow morning. That is just not how it works. I believe we live in such a dense world which takes time to materialize our wishes from the spiritual into the physical. The process is complex and requires us first to prepare and match up our frequency with what we want to achieve and that takes time in itself. And then there is the whole business of letting go of what you want to make it come to you which is a paradox of all paradoxes to have ever existed: That when you want something bad, it runs away from you but when you are disinterested and have moved on, that is when it comes running. How are we even supposed to deal?

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