Love Your enemies with Caution

I tell myself everyday that I couldn’t make everyone love me. Most especially when I adamantly ask for the favor of God upon my life. Zeinab, you can’t ask for God to favor you and bless you and still wish to have no enemies! Blessings of God come with just as much extraordinary hurdles and enemies hellbent on derailing your destiny.

If you ask big, you will receive but be prepared to be met with just as much opposition as the level of blessings you desire. I have been met with such enemies myself. Mostly at work and in school. That is where my star shined and that was also where I suffered the most heartbreak and resistance. Nobody understands when you come first in every subject every single time that you took just as much effort and dedication to put in the work. While my mates gossiped and talked boys, I was in class putting in extra effort. I studied day and night because that is all I had. Home was chaotic and abusive and there was nowhere I could feel safe except at school. While my friends were excited about going home for the holidays, I felt dreadful. I had no home I could call home. No one was there to love and protect me. That was my reality. Couldn’t I atleast be left alone to excel in school in peace? Couldn’t I have that one part of my life without envy?

It wasn’t until I read about the somewhat familiar story of David did I understand why I had enemies that were unrelenting. Like David, he wasn’t much loved by his father who favored his elder siblings. He was but ordinary to him, underestimated and looked down on. When destiny took a turn for him and he was made the King of Israel, Sol was on his heels at every turn and corner, seeking to annihilate him. Sol was his biggest rival yet he did not hate on him or curse him. He offered him many chances to change his ways. This shows that in order for one to walk into his God-given destiny, (which is prosperity as in Jeremiah 29:11, when God said, “For I know the plans I have for you,”declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”) One must be prepared to face enemies of different sizes and shapes. Of course God cannot give you a destiny if he knew you couldn’t handle the resistance. He already gave us wisdom and diplomacy needed to handle each one of the blocks put on our path. It is therefore, of the utmost importance if we didn’t let our enemies put us down but instead praised our God every single day for them, because sometimes God sends enemies to bless us. Ask God to use your enemies for good in your life so that whatever they meant for your harm is turned into your good.

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