We all exist to give to one another

She is in my life for a reason. I know it. She was there for me and now I am there for her. When we have both served our purpose for being in each other’s life, that is when we will part so everyone can go their own way. Isn’t that how it always is? It ends when it is time. Not a second before. That is the way all our relationships work, that is how it goes with everyone we meet in our life.

We all exist to give to one another: pain or purpose depends on the contract. The elusive contract which we forgot was about. The one we made between ourselves some thousand years back. When we knew what we’d get into. It didn’t bother us then but it does now. Some painful things people gift us we wish we could have done without them. But without them, we wouldn’t have become so enlightened and wise. So, were they a true gift in disguise?

Have faith that everyone we meet is there for a reason. That we couldn’t force an end even if the whole world helped us if that purpose hasn’t been fulfilled yet. We must learn to wait and to endure painful relationships. We must have faith. We must know that a good student does her best to learn fastest and pass that test. And if we must fail the first time and then again, we can always retake that life lesson. We can always relearn until we learn.

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