Change And Cues

It is always the hardest when change is inevitable. When we are forced to leave a place we have felt snug in, or venture into the compulsory unknown with just a few rugs and lots of faith, that is when our mettle gets tested the most.

With just a few clothes in a bag and my necessary items in a backpack, I leave the home I have known in the last past year to return back home, surrendered to the reason why the universe keeps sending me back there time and again. Perhaps, there is some unknown reason that keeps me coming back; A lesson which has gone unlearnt, or some sign from the universe that I am meant to live the rest of my life in a place I haven’t felt safe in for as long as I can remember.

Sometimes, I wish I could settle down anywhere else but at home. I am also aware that some of you have heard only negative things about my home from my posts. However, I need to point out that my protests are not against the whole place as they are against the physical residence itself. It is the rooms that enclose us and the memories of the past ever alive within those walls which are guilty for distorting my view of the entire town. The place I come from is beautiful and peaceful, mostly. There are public beaches all around it with clear blue waters and calming sea breezes. Tourists pay to come spend a few nights in the upper echelon of the town. Some of them were so awestruck by the lull and the aura of detachment my town has from the rest of the world that they made it a permanent home. It gives the vibes of a discovered island in the midst of the Indian Ocean, which was once a cool, safe haven to everyone who was fleeing war or looking to trade or start over from the middle East. A place of peace and vacation is what my town is. A beautiful getaway for the jaded urbanite looking to get away from it all.

That is the perspective I am choosing to return back home with-as someone who missed the salty sea breeze and the feel of salty water and sand on my skin. I hope to take a day or two, partaking in all the seafood I can find. I hope to try and rekindle my passion for cooking experimental meals. I wish to be like a child, carefree and filled to the brim with curiosity for absolutely everything. It would be as if I was one of those metropolitans, who are visiting the island for the first time, stimulated by everything they see and touch.

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