The Default Switch

We have a default switch of fear. It lingers in our DNA as a default setting, our baseline for every time we are uncertain about where our food will come from, how we will pay rent, where we will live, where our income will come from and a bunch of other insecurities we feel about almost everything else.

It is sad how humans edged out of God- the eternal force that sustains and provides. Dr. Wayne Dyer in one of his sermons said that we did not have to worry about our form and limbs and eyes while we were being formed inside our mother’s womb. We didn’t need to do anything to have a nose or a set of ear and eyes. Even the energy and food used to make us wasn’t upto us to provide and outsource. We were made perfectly and came out of there in full form and then we decided, “Thank you God, I will take it from here.” And Dr. Wayne acknowledges that that was the biggest mistake we ever made- edging ourselves out of this nurturing and ever-providing God force. I think what he meant to say is that the same force present with us then when we were but a clot is always present with us and for us. The reason why life feels like a struggle today and we worry about everything is because we convinced ourselves that it is upto us to take care of us. Would it make sense for this force to be present in only one time of our lives and disappear on us for the rest of it? I don’t think so. It took some serious level of care and thought to make us, design us, and give us these unique personalities and life paths for it to just cease a of a sudden when we are supposed to live and enjoy this life we were so beautifully and carefully made for.

That is how I feel about my life. Sometimes, I go into fear and worry about where my money is going to come from or how I am running out or how my need will be fulfilled. However, I catch myself lost in these illusions and tell myself like I am telling you now, that there is no reason to fear lack or loss because there is that same force which attended to us and was there for us when we were just a bunch of cells with no form or shape. That same force is here ever-present, guiding us, providing for us. All we have to do is connect to it and express our desires. In fact, we don’t even need to ask because it already knows what we need before we even conceive of the idea of needing something. I know it will take some serious practice for us to reach this level of calm and assurance but once we do we will never ever be sad or worried ever again about anything!

I take this time to express my heartfelt thanks to this God force which formed me and made me in my mother’s womb. I open myself to receive from this loving force everything I need. I am releasing all fears and worries about not having enough or what I need in this life for everything I need and desire will always be provided for me even before I have time to want it. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much God for taking care of me and my needs. Thank you for healing and releasing my fears about any lack or loss which is nothing more than an illusion playing my mind and exhausting my energy. Thank you for replacing my fears and worries with feelings of certainty, assurance and calm safe in the knowledge that I am provided for, loved and supported by you for as long as I shall exist in this world. Thank you!

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