A Second Chance

Today marks the first day of Ramadhan. To be honest, spending it while doing bar exams is not the most ideal situation for one will rarely know whether to read for the ever-elusive examinations which see only about 80 students out of 2000 pass or to pray to the ever-present and generous God who will be the reason you succeed with or without the exams. The smart choice is clear.

I used today to pray and meditate, giving gratitude to God for all the blessings I have been lucky to receive ever since I was born. I still felt some tension in my body after the incident which happened on Friday afternoon last week when the school decided to raid our rooms in our absence to recover plastic which supposedly kills oceans life and destroys the environment. This made me realize had I made a smarter choice not to engage with the whole circus I would be happier this weekend. Anger takes a lot of time to leave my system. Stress as a result of it takes even longer the more time I spend getting overworked about it. I listened to Mary Kate as she made me relax and let go. Touching my whole body with my hands helped me feel so much better. Finally I am in my own body again. Present in this moment. I let out a sigh of relief. Our bodies are magnets which pull energy and stores it. Bad or good depends on your discernment.

I proceeded to go about my day and remembering I would need food to break my fast I order some to be delivered. A friend of mine recommended a place that delivers Ramadhan food packages of a main meal, juice, a few dates and snacks at an unbelievably low price I couldn’t refuse. I said well, at least God didn’t like how the school cafeteria treated us and he is giving me an alternative after he heard my vow that I would never eat there again! ( Don’t play with my privacy)

I signed up and paid. The guy was particularly sweet and said the food would be delivered 6:30 PM on the dot. I couldn’t be happier. Except a few hours later, 6:30 came and went. I looked at my watch and it was almost 7:00PM. Now I don’t know if you are familiar with fasting the whole day and not break your fast when you are supposed to eat and drink to your fill because there is absolutely nothing to eat and the food you are depending on is late. I felt instant anger coming up from somewhere I didn’t know existed. I heard my mind saying how this is just unacceptable! My fingers proceed to switch the phone off and I had decided I wasn’t gonna care about the food. Might as well have them eat it. If it is late I don’t want it!

Just then, a little voice tells me “Give them a chance.” Somehow it was convincing me that if I was so rigid with timelines, would I like it if someone cut me off when I didn’t make it on time for something? What is interesting is, it wasn’t even a conversation but more like a sudden wave of awareness which came all at once in a second. Suddenly my attitude shifts and I am all positive and forgiving. I could give even my worst heart breaker a second chance at that point. I switched my phone back on got some instant tea and warmed my now sore belly. I got up prayed and waited some half hour later before the food came. It turned out the price was such a bargain because I got tandoori chicken with two naans, a minute maid, a bottle of still water and some dates and potatoes with steamed vegetables all at 350 shillings. I think I would have regretted it had I shut my phone off. I enjoyed every bite of it with glee and while I was eating I remember thinking to myself that I needed to give people a chance. I needed to relax and just wait. Some things are worth the wait. And some people are worth the chance.

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