Safe In Our Territories

Our God is a god of exclusivity. He made us to live on land and breath from the air with our noses, then made the fish live in water and breath through gills and also made birds whom he gave exclusive permit to use the sky(Well planes do trespass once in a while if not all the time).

The reason why we are not all traversing the same territory is arguably because, had we been all jammed into one space, we couldn’t have realized our full potential and would have ended up with no hierarchy or system of co-existence. Ecosystems are important to sustain life. And also, if one area of these territories goes bust(Ah, the pandemic, I don’t suppose fish have covid) at least the others are safe, for a while.

Life is exclusively designed. If you think this earth is complex, you haven’t yet seen how vast the universe/s could be if you looked beyond the atmosphere into space. There are millions of planets, possibly we will never know most of them in our life. There are multiverses which science hasn’t yet discovered. In fact, I don’t think we were meant to discover anything beyond our atmosphere in any personal way as we have done in the past. For example, the moon is there to help sailors lost at sea find their way back home or witches do their moon baths. It wasn’t meant for us to land on and plant our flag as if imprinting on it, saying “This is mine. I made it.”

Therefore, it is without a doubt that humans have been the most and perhaps, the only notorious species to push these territorial boundaries and go where they don’t belong. The space clearly is not our turf given that we can’t even breath there. If that is not a sign for us to stay away and mind our own business, what else would be? Just imagine a fish envisioning flying like the eagle, or an alligator suddenly seated in a classroom taking lessons on mathematics. All other species have respect for territory, unlike us. We have even found a way to breath under water for several minutes without any tools. With oxygen tanks, we could as well live there among the sharks and the whales- the latter whom we have been killing and driving to the edge of extinction.

So what has an eagle got to do to keep the planes off? What has the whale got to do to keep us off? and most importantly, what has God got to do to reinforce that, “Keep out” “No Entry” sign on the entrance of space? He could try to put up curtains made of some impenetrable material unknown to humans. Though I am sure we would find a way one way or another to penetrate, curtains or no curtains-like always.

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