Good Tips To Start Your Day Good

Here are some tips for the depressed soul who struggles to get out of bed or for anyone really who would like to have a good day ahead:

  1. Pray open your eyes. A little prayer goes a long way especially if it is intended for everyone and not just for yourself.
  2. What IF: When you wake up feeling unmotivated or avoidant of the day ahead because perhaps, there is pressure on you to perform a certain task or yesterday was too awful and you are afraid today will be the same, ask yourself, “What if the thing that is pressuring me was never there? How would I act? How would I feel? What if yesterday did not happen? How would I wake up feeling today? The answer would most likely be, “I would feel free and more willing to start my day on the right mindset,” and so you should.
  3. Be Gentle : Be gentle on yourself. Hey, how would you treat a fluffy, cute little chinchilla? With gentleness of course as you carefully lift it up and hold it between your palms. That is the same way you and I need to handle ourselves, especially when we are feeling unproductive or unmotivated. It is okay to not always wake up feeling like superman. Some days, you just might need to rest and let the day slide.
  4. Crumb your way through your goals: Sometimes, we can’t move because we feel there is too much to get done and very little time. This causes us to not move at all. But remember, if you could read a single page of the 300 pages reading goal you set for yourself today, it is a start! Don’t feel like you have to read all the pages or none at all!

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