The Case of Christopher Watts and Why I think this world is doomed

I have just come from watching American Murder and I just can’t wrap my head around how a man could kill not only his wife but also his two lovely daughters. How did this happen? I feel so heartbroken by the darkness in some people’s hearts. I am crushed under the evil which we are capable of as human beings.

I remember the first horrible news I read back when I was in college, about Adrian Jones a 7 year old boy who endured and perished in the hands of his birth father and step mother; the two people in the world who were supposed to love and protect him. I felt so torn in my heart as if someone took a knife and stabbed me deep in the heart. I cried hard and wished parents like that never existed! However, I know that we cannot deny or run away from the darkness that has clearly overpowered this world and its inhabitants.

I am convinced to believe that the reason why there are so many people with depression and anxiety around the world and that number is increasing enormously, each day, is due to the fact that there is so much pain and heartlessness in the midst of our world, so much so that the “heart” of our world is bleeding and dying more and more each day.

I feel like we need to send out to the world lots of prayers, love and healing energies every day and make this a habit on a daily basis. The world needs us now more than ever before. While I know this world has its custodian who made it in the first place, I still believe we need to act fast to protect what is left in it , anyway. If you are interested in praying for the world and healing it from the painful left over residue from these crimes, please consider saying this little prayer every morning when you wake up:

“Dear God, I pray for every living thing on the face of this Earth. I pray that where there is pain, you replace it with relief, where there is evil, you replace it with good, where there is darkness, you shine your light, where there is suffering, you bring joy. God I pray for every suffering soul in the universe, may they be met with your strength and divine protection. May wellbeing and wellness be where there is disease and pandemic. God I ask that you bring your divine angels to watch over all living things, including the Earth itself. Cleanse it from all the evil and darkness it is engulfed in. Thank you God.”

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