The Story about a God and his Guardian Angel

Once upon a time, when God created humans, he was worried they would be on their own. For this reason, he made them from himself, each and every one of the human babies was connected to his essence. Upon seeing this, the animals became sad and requested, “Please make us a part of you, too so we may feel connected to you.” Then God replied, ” Sure I will do so, but on condition that you become of service to them.” With that remark, the animals agreed and he gave them all his essence so that every human being and animal being was one and the same with God.

This connection with God came with many benefits: the humans were so intelligent, they could create anything from nothing with their brains, the animals were so revered as the companions of humans that some of them became like gods to them. Many years passed and slowly, the humans began to forget this connection to God. They felt capable of doing anything and for this, they thought they did not need God. God knew of this and he became very sad, “My people have abandoned me.” He lamented to his angels who were always there to greet him day and night and answer to his loving commands. “Don’t they know that they are safe from the darkness because I protect them? Don’t they know that if they cut their connection from me, I am unable to protect them?” God continued to lament. One of the angels became very sad, in fact, this particular angel was so sad he offered to help God protect the humans who strayed from his shadow. God was so happy with him he name him, “The Guardian” meaning one who looks after lost souls and ushers them back home, to God. And that is how humans got their Guardian angel.

The Guardian angel became very busy very fast. He would have over billions of humans to watch over, because by then, almost all human beings had strayed from God. As a result the world became dark, rivers and lakes began to dry, the sun became too hot and animals became endangered one after the other. Nothing was happy outside God’s embrace, not even the viruses and bacteria, which turned dark and menacingly set out to infect humans with various diseases and infections. The virus Corona, specifically, went over the top and decided to put the whole world to a screeching halt for over a year, killing most if not all people on Earth.

There was no hope for the human race. The Guardian tried his best to nudge people back to God’s path but many had gone off the deep end of darkness and would never listen to the Guardian’s wise counsel. Still, the Guardian never gave up hope as he helped humans avoid catastrophic events and managed to comfort them in distress. The Guardian begged God to let him use numbers and signs to communicate with the sensitive humans who were looking for them. God allowed him and soon humans could now understand easily the messages the Guardian angel would send them from time to time. These messages were unique in application from human to human, depending on where they were at in life and the challenges on their path. These sensitive humans became very grateful to find out that there was someone who cared about their life and the challenges they faced. They prayed and expressed gratitude to this unseen force in the world and went about their life with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and hope.

God was very satisfied with how the Guardian angel brought back scores of humans to his path. In fact, he was so happy that he declared that his door was open to all humans all over the world, whether or not they believed in him. He said to his Guardian angel , “Go and tell my people all over the world, “Do not lose hope in my mercy,” Tell them I said, “Do not be scared for I am with you, hearing and seeing everything you are going through.” And when they ask you about me, tell them I am very near; I answer the prayer of the one who calls on me.”

With the beautiful message from God, the Guardian angel set out to deliver to every human being who listened. And since then, the human beings were divided into two groups: those who are open and welcoming of the message from God through the Guardian angel’s whispers, and those who are not. That is how the world has been to this day, God declared himself as very close to those who need him and being the graceful God he is, he has given us all the power to choose whether we want him in our life or we would rather go about it on our own!

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