Obsessive Buys

It all started with a 5 ml bottle of Terre D’ Hermes perfume which I received as a gift. With tiny little droplets on my wrists my eyes were opened to a whole new and expensive taste. I wanted to buy the 100 ml eau de toilette more than anything. I would dream about it when I went to sleep and feel a strong urge to hold the tiny little bottle close to my heart as if it was required to keep my heart beating. The moment I could afford one at a ridiculously pricy price, I felt pushed by this invisible domineering force, the weight of the whole world, to purchase it. And I did. Little did I know that I just opened a whole doorway of compulsive and crazy-costly perfume obsession!

I want to say this, perfume is just that. Most people who will smell it on you won’t even know the brand you are wearing. Sometimes, to your disappointment you will find that you burned a hole in your pocket for a fragrance which you slowly and eventually grow out of. The initial excitement will make you spray it more than you should as you enjoy in its newness and uniqueness but for a person like me, who gets bored with everything and everyone in my life, excitement quickly turns to disappointment. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my first designer perfume, mostly fashioned for the man of my dreams, sexy, hot and vetivery, but I don’t care because I love what I love, regardless.

Everything was great until I couldn’t stop watching perfume reviews on YouTube and that was when I knew there was a problem. Once I go down a hill on anything or anybody, I lose all sense of reality and I just laser-focus on that one thing with all I have got. Hours went by as I watched women and men of all backgrounds hoarding closets of designer perfumes. They won’t stop buying and they won’t shut up about them. How does anyone burn through their money like that? I remember my first buy was like a pinch on my stomach. I had to sacrifice for just a slender glassful of liquid. Very slender and nothing like the glass you would use to drink anything substantial.

The next compulsive buy was Versace Blue Jeans. I had just enough money to spend on anything and all I could think of was to buy another perfume. This time, I hoped to get some rosy and girly fragrance but I ended up with blue jeans. I loved the smell it was right up my alley! I even received my first compliment on my first two sprays. However, fast forward several days, and I am thinking of the wonderful people in my life who I could gift them with it. Dad was number 1 of course and I know he will love it.

What did I learn from all of this? Never watch perfume reviews on youTube first and foremost. Secondly, a $3 body splash smells just as wonderful and lasts just as long as that $130 thin glass of liquid.

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