The Ant’s Story

Ants inspire me. They are tiny little creatures who are organized and hard working. They are always on the move. I don’t think I have ever seen an ant that was standing still before. I wonder how they manage to go on long journeys to search for just a morsel of food. I find myself smiling whenever I am eating and crumbs fall to the ground. After a little annoyance at my clumsiness, as I try to reach down to pick the crumbs and find that there was an ant or several ants just walking casually about and around where the crumbs fell. The first thought that comes to mind is bliss. I am happy that it was no coincidence that the crumbs fell when they did. The ants are so happy as they scurry forwards to have a bite. Could it be that the ants prayed for food and it so happens that I was a part of the plan to provide it without knowing it? Incidents like these make me hopeful that there is indeed someone or something that cares afterall!

P.S Have you ever felt guilty for wiping the area of your floor where ants have gathered? Probably they were in a PTA meeting or discussing who their next she-queen was going to be? Just a thought.

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