The Inspiration behind my blog name

Believe me or not, I named my blog from the best teenage drama of all time: The Secret Life of the American Teenager. They stopped making masterpieces like this one. No other teenage drama compares to it in my eyes, not even Riverdale or Pretty Little Liars! Ahh! Doesn’t it occur to you when you are scrolling non-stop through Netflix for hours, trying to find anything good enough to stimulate your five senses, that somehow after 2010, no series or movie produced is memorable? I feel that older movies and series have made such a beautiful imprint on my life that every time I am reminded of them, a smile comes to my face as I bathe in the sweetness of nostalgia. Every movie or drama I have ever watched back then was so special that it brings back good memories to my mind and just the thought of it lifts up my mood.

Now you know the secret which I have been hiding for over four years.

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