The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy

Everything you write down in your journal comes true. In the book, “The Power of your Subconscious Mind,” Joseph Murphy explains that the subconscious mind listens to everything you have to tell it. It brings forth into your reality what you constantly think about. Even better, what you affirm in the way of writing it down on a piece of paper, or better yet, your Lifebook, has no choice but to come true because those letters act as a command to your subconscious to bring what is in them into your reality.

Talking of a Lifebook, let us see what it is. According to Jon and Missy Butcher, a Lifebook is a book that contains all your dreams and goals of what you wish your life was like. This book is divided into a dozen areas of your life which are considered very important: your work life, family, love life, health, among others. In this book, You never leave out any details but describe everything to the tiniest detail. What are your goals? Where is your ideal home located? What does it look like? What are your children and husband like? Do you guys have a pizza night? If so, which toppings are your favorite and theirs? You don’t need to have been married to know this. You simply create your ideal marriage and family life the way you like it, with imagination. However, this does not stop at just visualizations, but goes further to require you list the decisions which will take you there. For example, if your dream husband is tall, handsome, kind and loving, who has time for you and has the same interests as you, you would be required henceforth, to go out with guys who are these things and nobody else. For example, what should you do to attract such a guy? If the law of attraction says that like attracts like, don’t you need to be what your are desiring first and foremost? Where would you meet a guy like that? Anywhere except in your cocoon. Therefore, this means you need to go out there and meet people and you need to be discerning as to the kind of men you entertain because you know exactly what you are looking for.

Now that we have an idea of what a Lifebook is, let us look at the effect it has on your life. Most people have testified that their life is unfolding exactly as they envisioned in their Lifebook. This could be the reason why most people are successful with reaching their dream life, because they have conditioned the subconscious to bring them what they desire by focusing on it and imprinting it in their mind through writing. The mind only sees what you tell it such that if you say you are a cat, you might as well start to behave like one. Murphy emphasizes that the law of the mind is belief and if used correctly, it can change your life, heal your sickness and give you everything you wish for!

Good Tips To Start Your Day Good

Here are some tips for the depressed soul who struggles to get out of bed or for anyone really who would like to have a good day ahead:

  1. Pray open your eyes. A little prayer goes a long way especially if it is intended for everyone and not just for yourself.
  2. What IF: When you wake up feeling unmotivated or avoidant of the day ahead because perhaps, there is pressure on you to perform a certain task or yesterday was too awful and you are afraid today will be the same, ask yourself, “What if the thing that is pressuring me was never there? How would I act? How would I feel? What if yesterday did not happen? How would I wake up feeling today? The answer would most likely be, “I would feel free and more willing to start my day on the right mindset,” and so you should.
  3. Be Gentle : Be gentle on yourself. Hey, how would you treat a fluffy, cute little chinchilla? With gentleness of course as you carefully lift it up and hold it between your palms. That is the same way you and I need to handle ourselves, especially when we are feeling unproductive or unmotivated. It is okay to not always wake up feeling like superman. Some days, you just might need to rest and let the day slide.
  4. Crumb your way through your goals: Sometimes, we can’t move because we feel there is too much to get done and very little time. This causes us to not move at all. But remember, if you could read a single page of the 300 pages reading goal you set for yourself today, it is a start! Don’t feel like you have to read all the pages or none at all!

The Case of Christopher Watts and Why I think this world is doomed

I have just come from watching American Murder and I just can’t wrap my head around how a man could kill not only his wife but also his two lovely daughters. How did this happen? I feel so heartbroken by the darkness in some people’s hearts. I am crushed under the evil which we are capable of as human beings.

I remember the first horrible news I read back when I was in college, about Adrian Jones a 7 year old boy who endured and perished in the hands of his birth father and step mother; the two people in the world who were supposed to love and protect him. I felt so torn in my heart as if someone took a knife and stabbed me deep in the heart. I cried hard and wished parents like that never existed! However, I know that we cannot deny or run away from the darkness that has clearly overpowered this world and its inhabitants.

I am convinced to believe that the reason why there are so many people with depression and anxiety around the world and that number is increasing enormously, each day, is due to the fact that there is so much pain and heartlessness in the midst of our world, so much so that the “heart” of our world is bleeding and dying more and more each day.

I feel like we need to send out to the world lots of prayers, love and healing energies every day and make this a habit on a daily basis. The world needs us now more than ever before. While I know this world has its custodian who made it in the first place, I still believe we need to act fast to protect what is left in it , anyway. If you are interested in praying for the world and healing it from the painful left over residue from these crimes, please consider saying this little prayer every morning when you wake up:

“Dear God, I pray for every living thing on the face of this Earth. I pray that where there is pain, you replace it with relief, where there is evil, you replace it with good, where there is darkness, you shine your light, where there is suffering, you bring joy. God I pray for every suffering soul in the universe, may they be met with your strength and divine protection. May wellbeing and wellness be where there is disease and pandemic. God I ask that you bring your divine angels to watch over all living things, including the Earth itself. Cleanse it from all the evil and darkness it is engulfed in. Thank you God.”

The Dilemma of “Unconditional Positive Regard”

The only way a person can reach their full potential in life is if they practice positive self-regard, and the only way they can do that is if they have unconditional positive regard for the people in their life.”

Humanism Article

The concept which I found most interesting when learning counseling skills is the idea of unconditional positive regard which to me means the ability to accept others without any conditions; to love and respect where they stand with themselves and with their beliefs. This simple 3-worded idea is something I find very hard to put into practice in the relationships in my life. Firstly, most of the people I have met in love, work or friendships are either too close for comfort or too distant to make me feel secure in the relationship. I always felt like there won’t be anyone in the world I could be close to who would understand my need for my personal space and time. For this reason, I tend to run away from any person who is too clingy or too demanding. Pressure is something I am allergic to, both in personal relationships and work. I hate it when I am told to do something out of the blue and very fast. My anxiety flies through the roof and I get paralyzed, which leads me to avoid that task as much as possible because that is the only way I can avoid feeling uncomfortable.

This attitude never helped me to keep any significant relationship so far. Sometimes when I initiate those rough breakups in my romantic relationships with partners who are either too distant and detached to make me secure, or too demanding to make my anxiety worse, I get complaints from the opposite party saying how I can just “ghost them and never return their affections,” or how I can just be sweet and mellow one day and “explode like a volcano the next.” Of course, in my defense, I have my reasons for acting the way I do, mostly. For instance, when someone expects me to pick their calls every few hours in a day just so they can ask why I haven’t yet replied to their latest text message, what do they expect me to do? The most obvious reaction is to tell them that I am not a telemarketer or operator at a call center, and that my phone is not affixed to face face through some surgical operation, so that I could be able to text and call back for 24 hours a day! Try and tell me to have unconditional positive regard in such a situation and I would have a hard time listening to that.

On the other hand, I experienced the opposite of the above in a relationship with someone who would only be present-barely- when we are physically together in the same space, but would disappear and ghost me the moment we parted ways. How would you react to that? Of course, surprisingly, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and this explains why I would start being afraid and text that person forever- of course with no single reply. There is absolutely no validation for my feelings with this person. If you go on an angry rant, he will keep quiet for the next two or three months until you can decide to swallow your ego and reach out first-of course with an “I am Sorry”.(I just don’t like to love someone for the simple reason that it makes life harder than it needs to be.)

Now, if we think of applying unconditional positive regard for the distant person, the first thing that comes to my mind is this, “Is it possible that this on and off, hot and cold person is reflecting my own habit in relationships?” If something annoys me about a person, I have learnt to look at myself and see if the thing I hate in someone else is something I have hidden within me. Mostly, I have found this to be true. So yes, I have been seeing my bad habits reflected in others, especially the closest people whom I love very much. Secondly, the next thing I ask myself is, “what does it mean if I hate my own habit in someone else? How does that affect my self-image? Am I someone who hates weaknesses in myself and others? Am I expecting myself and others to be perfect?” And thirdly, “How different would my relationships be like if I simply accepted others without judgment or conditions?” I am sure that would mean I first start accepting myself with all my bad habits! And that is how the statement quoted above applies in my life: In order to have positive self-regard, I need to have unconditional positive regard for the people in my relationships and vice versa!

The Story about a God and his Guardian Angel

Once upon a time, when God created humans, he was worried they would be on their own. For this reason, he made them from himself, each and every one of the human babies was connected to his essence. Upon seeing this, the animals became sad and requested, “Please make us a part of you, too so we may feel connected to you.” Then God replied, ” Sure I will do so, but on condition that you become of service to them.” With that remark, the animals agreed and he gave them all his essence so that every human being and animal being was one and the same with God.

This connection with God came with many benefits: the humans were so intelligent, they could create anything from nothing with their brains, the animals were so revered as the companions of humans that some of them became like gods to them. Many years passed and slowly, the humans began to forget this connection to God. They felt capable of doing anything and for this, they thought they did not need God. God knew of this and he became very sad, “My people have abandoned me.” He lamented to his angels who were always there to greet him day and night and answer to his loving commands. “Don’t they know that they are safe from the darkness because I protect them? Don’t they know that if they cut their connection from me, I am unable to protect them?” God continued to lament. One of the angels became very sad, in fact, this particular angel was so sad he offered to help God protect the humans who strayed from his shadow. God was so happy with him he name him, “The Guardian” meaning one who looks after lost souls and ushers them back home, to God. And that is how humans got their Guardian angel.

The Guardian angel became very busy very fast. He would have over billions of humans to watch over, because by then, almost all human beings had strayed from God. As a result the world became dark, rivers and lakes began to dry, the sun became too hot and animals became endangered one after the other. Nothing was happy outside God’s embrace, not even the viruses and bacteria, which turned dark and menacingly set out to infect humans with various diseases and infections. The virus Corona, specifically, went over the top and decided to put the whole world to a screeching halt for over a year, killing most if not all people on Earth.

There was no hope for the human race. The Guardian tried his best to nudge people back to God’s path but many had gone off the deep end of darkness and would never listen to the Guardian’s wise counsel. Still, the Guardian never gave up hope as he helped humans avoid catastrophic events and managed to comfort them in distress. The Guardian begged God to let him use numbers and signs to communicate with the sensitive humans who were looking for them. God allowed him and soon humans could now understand easily the messages the Guardian angel would send them from time to time. These messages were unique in application from human to human, depending on where they were at in life and the challenges on their path. These sensitive humans became very grateful to find out that there was someone who cared about their life and the challenges they faced. They prayed and expressed gratitude to this unseen force in the world and went about their life with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and hope.

God was very satisfied with how the Guardian angel brought back scores of humans to his path. In fact, he was so happy that he declared that his door was open to all humans all over the world, whether or not they believed in him. He said to his Guardian angel , “Go and tell my people all over the world, “Do not lose hope in my mercy,” Tell them I said, “Do not be scared for I am with you, hearing and seeing everything you are going through.” And when they ask you about me, tell them I am very near; I answer the prayer of the one who calls on me.”

With the beautiful message from God, the Guardian angel set out to deliver to every human being who listened. And since then, the human beings were divided into two groups: those who are open and welcoming of the message from God through the Guardian angel’s whispers, and those who are not. That is how the world has been to this day, God declared himself as very close to those who need him and being the graceful God he is, he has given us all the power to choose whether we want him in our life or we would rather go about it on our own!

Looking Back…

Looking back one year ago today, I would never have imagined myself here, in the last lap of completing my Advocates’ Training Program and a few weeks away from the bar exam. I was somewhere else, going about my business without an idea of where I would find myself one year later. I feel like living without a goal in mind and a life plan might be scary and unorthodox for most modern people in the world, but sometimes when you have got no plan of your own, life plans for you.

To be honest, if I were to take a minute and reflect on my life decisions, those really important ones which changed my life to what it is today, I made them on a whim with a little push of intuition. Something does not make sense but it could mean my life gets a chance to improve and be better than what I am experiencing right now, and I go ahead anyway, even if I am not in love with the idea. Somehow, when I made the decision to choose law 9 years ago, I knew it was better than spending another year at home, dealing with all the stress and wasting my reading power on astrology blogs. Something told me to just wing it and apply for law, mostly because it would mean my life would never be the same as it was ever again! So this kind of philosophy, where you just trust in what is before you and choose a path, even though you have no idea how it will go, but you know deep down that it will definitely be better than “right now”, is what led me here to this day.

As was expected, my decision to return to school and complete my studies was also made more or less in the same manner as before. I was dying where I was at the time, totally clueless of what I was supposed to do next in my life but very much sure that the option to remain where I was did not appeal to me anymore. I had to get out because if I didn’t, I would never be the person I know I could be or have a chance to live the life of my dreams. Every day I looked at my vision board, I felt an unforgiving disconnect from the life reflected there and the place I was and the wages I received working as a temp. I knew I needed to do something extraordinary to get to the equally outstanding life I had envisioned for myself. No pain, no gain, they say. The thought of taking up the challenge of Advocates’ Training Program was not only terrifying to me at the time, but also ghastly. I spent two years running away from it, but it turns out that that was where I would return after all! Life lesson: never run away from the inevitable things in life for they always have a funny way of catching up with you. I should have just ripped off the band aid when I should. On the other hand, I am glad it all worked out the way it did, because I learnt a lot during my detour of 2 years where I worked very closely with my community and took a taste test on the life of a working human. Life teaches you even outside school. In fact, the only place anyone could be safe from the painful hand of life lessons is when they are busy studying in school!

On the bright side of things, this past year wasn’t all bad. In fact, looking back, I am happy I came back to school. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I have faced my fear of this place and realized that most of the fears were in my head. I have been living within the school and realizing that this year has been the least stressful year of my life. On hindsight, I have faced so much hardship outside in the real world than anywhere else. In school however, the only thing on my mind which could cause any stress at all is exams and I have managed to find a way not to break down into anxiety when I already feel like a winner for taking on this challenge in the first place. All I have to do is my best and the rest will take care of itself. To sum up, if you or anyone else you know is considering returning to school please do so without a doubt because you will look back one day and thank yourself for what will be the move that changes your life for the best!

Hang In There!

Hello fellow human! I know it has been tough but hang in there! Life can be daunting for the majority of us who are living with anxiety and depression and even more so when we have to care for and support our family through theirs. Love is what makes us hold on even at the cost of our own health and wellbeing.

Someone once told me that there is no illness that is difficult as mental illness. I believe when they said this I wondered if that was even true with there being very serious diseases like cancer and other terminal illnesses. However, I see what they were meaning all along. Mental illness is worse because you cannot know you even suffer from it for a long, long time. It will hide itself menacingly as it devastates you and all those you love and care about. It will make the world a gloomy place and most of the times you will feel like an outcast. The fears and doubts you will experience will be powerful enough to shake your every belief, hope and wishes for a better life. Most of the times, you will feel like dying. It will make you close yourself off from the world and cry yourself to sleep every night. It is the worst of the worst because even compared to someone with all their four limbs cut off, you could be more disabled than they are since they could still get up and about their life but on your worst days, simple things like getting up from your bed and brushing your teeth will be impossible.

On the bright side of things, if there really is one, you are not alone! I find that depression and anxiety affects almost everyone all over the world. This community of victims can turn out to be so powerful, if everything made an effort to pray for one another by exchanging energies of love and support. For this reason, I am inspired to write this post today, after reading a particularly disturbing blog about a woman with her son, who are struggling in the hole that is mental illness. I specifically found her experience relatable because I myself have had to take care of my struggling family even when I was dying myself. To this woman and her son, I send energies of love and healing. Please know you are not alone. You will never be alone as long as there are millions of people in the world suffering from one illness or another. Hang in there!

The Frog Before the Prince

Dating is the most complex of all human interactions. In this world, the rules of practicality and logic are supposed to be non-existent. If one really observes the dating world, they will notice that it runs on almost an opposite paradigm than the one in other areas of life such as work, family and friendship. Anyone who has been in the dating scene will tell you that if you want to find love, you need to be more open-minded, more forgiving of things you would never forgive anywhere else, and most of all, more accepting and daring. While dating, the rigid independent and strong-willed career woman would need to shed her exterior for fear of making men run away. While there may be a few men who prefer wonder women, sadly most men prefer the homemaker. The homemaker is a woman who is sensitive to the man’s needs and moods, and knows how to make him feel better even on his worst days. She does not mind if she lets the man run her world and more so, whether she has any of hers left apart from her man’s. She will opt out of her dreams to raise her kids with all the attention and love she can master. She will forgive her man if he hits midlife crisis and goes after young girls his eldest daughter’s age. She will keep reminding herself that her family comes first and foremost-not logic, her dreams or her happiness. That right there, is the ideal woman every man secretly prays to have if they are not blatant enough to declare it unapologetically.

The dating scene will make you or break you, but mostly break you first several times in a row. I think that in every woman’s life, there are two most significant romantic relationships she will have. These are the kind that she will never forget because that is how impactful they will be to her life. One is with a man who will appear to be everything she has ever dreamed of. The ideal masculine whose voice will make her tremble and her knees buckle. This man will charm his way into her heart and mind and he will be all she thinks about day and night. She will love him too much to see what he truly is on the inside. She will commit the biggest sin in the world with him: she will love him more than she does herself. Gradually, this man will show his claws, one after another and for some time, she will refuse to believe what she sees. She will make excuses for his hot and cold, on and off behavior and will die a little more inside every day. When she has had enough of it, she will decide to move on but she will always find herself coming back again and again, for some more jabs at her now bleeding heart. She will notice that he brings out the worst in her, the anger, the depression, the negative thoughts and all the insecurities about her worth and self-image will surface. She will grow to hate him because she has to hurt her self-respect and self pride in order to stay with him. This inner conflict between choosing to either love herself or her evasive masculine will go on and on inside her in a fierce and unforgiving battle between her heart and her mind until one day, she will decide to love herself enough to walk away.

The second man in a woman’s life comes around that time you have healed from whatever it was which led you to meet the first man. You learnt to love yourself through the first man so you could be ready to receive the love you show to yourself from the second. This man will take his sweet time before he shows up in your life and that is why perhaps, I have not yet met him. He will come only after you have prepared yourself earnestly in anticipation. Once you have healed from all the trauma of the past relationship with the first man, and you no longer feel like your powerless old self again, that is when you will meet this man. He is said to bring out the best qualities you possess. Where you feel weak, he will reflect strength, where there is doubt , he will offer empowerment. This man is the person you have become, after many failed relationships with all their lessons. He will reflect the self love which you have cultivated in yourself. He may not make you tremble at the sound of his voice or make your heart explode when he is near, but he will definitely be reliable and right in so many ways you will stop counting.

Obsessive Buys

It all started with a 5 ml bottle of Terre D’ Hermes perfume which I received as a gift. With tiny little droplets on my wrists my eyes were opened to a whole new and expensive taste. I wanted to buy the 100 ml eau de toilette more than anything. I would dream about it when I went to sleep and feel a strong urge to hold the tiny little bottle close to my heart as if it was required to keep my heart beating. The moment I could afford one at a ridiculously pricy price, I felt pushed by this invisible domineering force, the weight of the whole world, to purchase it. And I did. Little did I know that I just opened a whole doorway of compulsive and crazy-costly perfume obsession!

I want to say this, perfume is just that. Most people who will smell it on you won’t even know the brand you are wearing. Sometimes, to your disappointment you will find that you burned a hole in your pocket for a fragrance which you slowly and eventually grow out of. The initial excitement will make you spray it more than you should as you enjoy in its newness and uniqueness but for a person like me, who gets bored with everything and everyone in my life, excitement quickly turns to disappointment. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my first designer perfume, mostly fashioned for the man of my dreams, sexy, hot and vetivery, but I don’t care because I love what I love, regardless.

Everything was great until I couldn’t stop watching perfume reviews on YouTube and that was when I knew there was a problem. Once I go down a hill on anything or anybody, I lose all sense of reality and I just laser-focus on that one thing with all I have got. Hours went by as I watched women and men of all backgrounds hoarding closets of designer perfumes. They won’t stop buying and they won’t shut up about them. How does anyone burn through their money like that? I remember my first buy was like a pinch on my stomach. I had to sacrifice for just a slender glassful of liquid. Very slender and nothing like the glass you would use to drink anything substantial.

The next compulsive buy was Versace Blue Jeans. I had just enough money to spend on anything and all I could think of was to buy another perfume. This time, I hoped to get some rosy and girly fragrance but I ended up with blue jeans. I loved the smell it was right up my alley! I even received my first compliment on my first two sprays. However, fast forward several days, and I am thinking of the wonderful people in my life who I could gift them with it. Dad was number 1 of course and I know he will love it.

What did I learn from all of this? Never watch perfume reviews on youTube first and foremost. Secondly, a $3 body splash smells just as wonderful and lasts just as long as that $130 thin glass of liquid.

The Ant’s Story

Ants inspire me. They are tiny little creatures who are organized and hard working. They are always on the move. I don’t think I have ever seen an ant that was standing still before. I wonder how they manage to go on long journeys to search for just a morsel of food. I find myself smiling whenever I am eating and crumbs fall to the ground. After a little annoyance at my clumsiness, as I try to reach down to pick the crumbs and find that there was an ant or several ants just walking casually about and around where the crumbs fell. The first thought that comes to mind is bliss. I am happy that it was no coincidence that the crumbs fell when they did. The ants are so happy as they scurry forwards to have a bite. Could it be that the ants prayed for food and it so happens that I was a part of the plan to provide it without knowing it? Incidents like these make me hopeful that there is indeed someone or something that cares afterall!

P.S Have you ever felt guilty for wiping the area of your floor where ants have gathered? Probably they were in a PTA meeting or discussing who their next she-queen was going to be? Just a thought.

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