The World of the Doers

After spending some time trying to imagine my way through life as opposed to getting up and getting going, I have seen very little improvement. The books I have read are useful overall, if you were planning to hop into the next fastest train to the fifth dimension and live there never to return, but if you are like me, stuck in this third dimension where you affect the things and people around you through action, then you might want to read less of , “Feeling is the Secret”, and more of, “Smart Office organizing”.

Not to sound ungrateful, the books on my iBooks shelf have helped me in some unique and interesting ways-uniquely and interestingly so, but also in the most impractical and unrealistic ways. I have a hard time putting much if what I learned into practice mostly because most of the information is too idealistic in a non-human super-human kind of way, that it feels like it was made to be used elsewhere. It is like astronomy, we know there is Mercury and Venus and Jupiter’s moon shows some hope for a life after Earth, but we will never know will we? Not really! That is because whether Pluto is indeed a planet or not, or whether the sun really does rise from the west and sets in the east on Venus, will not change the fact that I have to sit for my exams sooner than I had anticipated and I am all a mess!

Such is the life envisioned by most of these books I have grown to love in my recent past. They are innocent fairy tales of a life far, far away somehow meant for us to adopt in a world which is so real it hurts to even try to dream. This world is designed for practical action and is not friendly to day dreaming. I have gotten more done in my life in the few minutes I chose to just get up and do something than in the hundred of hours I dreamt about having it. So what is all the craze about vision boards when mine is just standing there collecting dust?

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