Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

Just like a mirror, our life and everyone around us is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. I am curious why the evil queen in the movie Snow white and the Huntsman, kept asking her magic mirror if she was the fairest of them all. She could have just affirmed this herself and by doing so, she wouldn’t have needed the mirror to tell her anything as far as her worth and beauty goes. The fact that she needed a magic mirror to make her belief she is the fairest woman in the world, makes me think that she didn’t believe it herself and needed someone to confirm it for her. That could also be why the mirror, which could smell her low sense of self-worth and self-doubt just had to identify Snow White, who at that time was just a simple young girl without any achievements, as being the fairest female in the land. Snow White might have been this innocent and pure soul, however, as far as standards go in our world when it comes to determining the worth of a person, the queen had a lot going for her speaking of an entire kingdom in her hands, an achievement many today would rank the highest in elevating someone’s status in the eyes of others(Just think about it, no matter how gorgeous Gigi Hadid is, Her Highness queen Elizabeth is still the queen of England there can be no comparison between the two).

It is exactly through this lens that I have connected the dots between the relationship we have with ourselves and how that affects our relationships with others. If you don’t feel like you could forgive yourself for the choices which brought you pain, there is no way you can extend forgiveness towards others for hurting you. If you think your eyebrows look uneven and if only you could lose some weight, you will keep seeing lopsided eyebrows and fat arms in everyone else you meet. If you think regret every decision you ever made, there is no way you would think someone else in your life made a good one. Lastly, if you can’t love yourself for all the mistakes and the poor choices you made in the past, just how could you love others with all their faults and mistakes?

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