Where do we go in our dreams?

Science has tried to explain why we dream: it is our brain’s way of processing the things we have seen, heard of or thought about during the day in our wakefulness. While this might be true in some instances, such as when I would think about someone during the day and see them in my dreams, this is not always the case. I have read about people who dreamt about places they have never been to or people they have never met. For instance, there was this time I went to sleep and woke up with a person’s name echoing through the corners of my mind, “Tom Ford”. Now who might he be and why was he in my dream? It turned out he is a celebrity in the fashion industry. I have never been one to read about fashion or know anything beyond my area of interest which has always been novels and inspirational spiritual books about anything mystical and other-worldly, so this came as a surprise to me. Then there was this other time where I dreamt about a place with a weird name, and it turned out to be an address for this gorgeous mansion in a part of the world I have never been to before along with a person’s name from the same country. So I really don’t think dreams are about places and people we know or think about. There could be something more to it.

If it is not already strange enough to dream about things, places and people who exist or once existed in this world, it is even more strange to dream about life in completely different worlds from this one. People have recalled how they dreamt they were in a strange world which was different from anything they have ever seen before in this one. They remembered meeting the “people” there who did not look like us. Everything is so prominent from trees and flowers to houses and the colors are so enticingly strange, not like the colors of this world but not entirely off either. If my own experience of such dreams is of any interest to you, I dreamt several times that I was in a different world. Once, I was in a group I couldn’t identify, walking past a string of A frame blue houses which seemed half submerged in water and as I was walking I could feel myself as different, I seemed to be too tall like a giant and and my skin was blue. We came to a stop on a hill or field where upon glancing up to the sky, a clear view of some large moons or were they planets from a distance could be seen. I think they were three of them, lined up closely together and one was bigger than the rest. I would wake up from this dream feeling all sorts of unexplainable emotions ranging from awe, at the sight of such a wonderous place, to sadness and longing which perhaps came from missing something or someplace that I never knew before. After spending some time reading around about life in other dimensions in hopes of finding what this place was which I saw and if at all it existed, I simply couldn’t. All I knew was that there are some planets which disappeared because they submerged in water. Now, assuming what I saw was anything at all, could it be that there are life forms in other planets in the universe which we don’t know about and some of them were destroyed by water? I don’t really know! In Islam, Allah has affirmed that He indeed created other forms of life we don’t know about. He has also been referred to as the lord of the worlds, in plural, not just this one. So the whole concept of other mysterious worlds may be truer than we give it credit for.

Nevertheless, the brain is the most sophisticated thing ever in existence and we might not know the extent of its power and functions just yet. A big part of the things we experience in our dreams is proof that the brain is a mystery human scientists have yet to fully grasp. It is possible also, to believe in the theory that there are mental worlds to which we have access when we sleep. Perhaps, we are different people over there, with fiery backstories and interesting life paths. On the other hand, it is probably true about there being a fifth dimension which we can travel to and learn just about anything or visit anywhere we wish. I just don’t know!

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