The Suffering is Overdue and the Lesson Unclear; Understanding Soul Contracts

I got fake nails on and I am painfully realizing how difficult it is to use the keyboard. Probably shouldn’t have got them if I wanted to keep my blog active. That aside, today’s topic is inspired by my discovery of the term soul contract. I don’t recall how it came to me, but that is the universe’s way-it brings you what you need to know before you know it, you know it? I don’t know.

So, with this blog I bring somewhat of a good news which could shine some light on why we have to suffer in this life. The theory of soul contracts explains that before we incarnated in this lifetime, each of us chose the lessons that we would learn. To learn these lessons, people and situations are drawn to our experiences to teach them to us. Just like school is not our cup of tea, so is this whole suffering-in-order-to-learn business( if they had told me I signed up for learning all my life, I would have taken a hard pass on school. School over a school? That is straight up double jeopardy if you ask me!) It is therefore, expected of us to resent these “tests” of character just like we would an exam. What is more is that we forgot all about this choice we had made once we were born. So it is more like the whole world is suffering from a serious case of amnesia. This doesn’t help us if you must ask. I would rather I knew what I signed up for so at least, I could stop whining about it here on my blog every time life gets too bad and stress all of you guys out along with me!

Moving on, I started seeing some truth to this idea because a lot of things in my life are starting to make sense. I always wondered why I was served the wrong side of the plate as far as my relationships go and now I realize I must have chosen to be miserable to learn… compassion? self-love? Possibly how to love my own company? Independence? self-sacrifice? Empathy? How to warm up for a role in les Misérables? I wouldn’t know unless I told myself. If only I could remember what cocktail of misery I had picked!

Talking of picking, we picked everything from our geographical locations and life spans to how we will die. Sometimes, we can experience the same lesson over and over again until we learn it and if not in this lifetime, then in another and another. You might wonder why would anyone choose to go through this? The answer is we do this in order to ascend to a higher level of being. Therefore, the bigger the suffering, the higher the achievement of soul development. For this reason, those who chose to experience very adverse circumstances such as wars and natural diseases and disasters are seeking to complete their course in this earth dimension and graduate to higher dimensions which mean they won’t have to come back to earth on another rollercoaster ride. Once you go up, you never go back down. On the grim side of things, we are down here in the arena of life fighting for our freedom like Spartacus did(only it was too real a fight for Andy Whitfield God rest his soul, who graduated right to heaven). Let’s keep the fight on and strong!

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