Asking the Universe why I am on my current path in Life

With great effort I bathed my cat and even though I tried to half-screamingly explain to him that I am doing it for his own good, I could not escape a few bites and scratches here and there. Cats hate water, apparently. No amount of sweet talking is going to change that. Talking of water, I let it fall upon me from head to toe as I tried to ask the universe why I am where I am at in life. What is my contribution? How can I be of service to the collective? Is law connected to what I am called to do here in this lifetime?

I cannot help myself. I need to know how I could be helpful to the world, or if not all of it, at least to one person or a group of people. I wrote a post before where I explained that we need to be needed in order to feel useful. Something or someone must have wished a person like us existed and that is why we are where we are doing the things we do. This way of thinking may come off as far fetched or communist but it is what all the books I have read pointed out. Everyone is saying how we are all connected as one in the universe and how each one of us derives our purpose from the whole as opposed to the individual. I would like to believe that even though law wasn’t my passion, I ended up doing it anyway because something or someone needed me to be of service to them in that capacity. Maybe, the universe thought I could do the most impact with a set of legal skills than with a good set of boobs. Who am I to dispute that?

Therefore, in all my conversations today, my ears were alert, waiting for the universe to respond through someone or something. This is how the universe works: You ask and wait for your reply. I know it sounds impossible but try it and see for yourself. I do that all the time for small and big things. For example if I forgot someone’s name I ask please tell me her name and within minute the name echoes in my head. Sometimes if I cannot see something in the house, I simply ask out loud where is my dildo?( Those things get lost too you know haha) and then boom! I would walk upto it and there it is staring at me. For this reason, I have been relying on this invisible part of me or the universe, to get me most of the things I need. My eyes clearly cannot see everything everywhere. My mind as well cannot remember all the names of all the actresses in the world.

After saying all of that, I would like to tell you one thing. In a conversation today, I felt like the answer I am seeking is trying to come out albeit in small pieces and puzzles. I heard someone say that there are so many sexual gender based violence cases in our village and people cannot afford lawyers. It clicked with me because a few hours before that, I asked the universe what my contribution is going to be and whether all these years spent doing law had anything to do with that. Well, I don’t know about you but I am definitely taking this information as if it is the universe answering my question. I am going to keep my ears and eyes open in the next few days just to see what will come my way in terms of more signs and synchronicities. The universe is alive and it speaks when spoken to.

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