Happy New Year my good people!: Gratitude Time and a Sneak Peak into my resolutions…

It is finally the 1st of January 2022! How did days go by so fast? I woke up today thinking to myself, What should my new year resolutions be? Or should I just wing it? I mean, I am sure everyone in the world did not see the last two years coming the way they did right? I wonder what they did with their resolutions?

The first thing I did today was take out my notebook and write down the things I am super grateful for in the past year. A lot has happened I cannot pinpoint everything but perhaps, the biggest thing to me was the courage I mastered to return to school and complete my legal studies. I never saw that coming. If you asked me sometime in 2020 if I could see myself living within the school complex and simply committing to learning about the law as much as I could, I would tell you Heck no! So for me, this past year has been instrumental in conquering my fear of Kenya School of Law and for that I am ecstatic!

Secondly, I am grateful for those who supported me this past year, starting with my sister who went out of her way to ensure my transition back into school was a smooth as it could be. It must not have been easy to prioritize my needs when she has so many people to care about and support. Thank you so much sis.

This past year made me learn about myself and allow myself to feel my feelings more than I ever did before. I let myself take it easy every time I fell into my regular pits of depression which sometimes lasted for months on end. During these lonely and scary times, I would normally be too hard on myself, blaming my inaction and inability to function properly. Up until this past year, I did not realize that I was already going through a very difficult time when I was depressed, so much so that it did not help at all to also hate on myself. In fact, it only made recovery that much difficult and impossible. So I am grateful for having the right level of self love and self care to cut myself some slack whenever I am afflicted.

I am also very thankful to my new state of awareness where I am learning to let go of what no longer serves me. I have grown more willing to accept the fact that it is better to be alone by myself( something which you know I despise so much) than to be with the wrong person/group. I know it is not easy to be so alone and single but on my best days, I love and enjoy it and on my worst, well, you and I both know this is a safe space for me to vent my frustrations all out.

Let me not forget to thank God for money. It has been my greatest source of happiness and support overall. I am glad I can treat myself out to meals when I can since I am a foodie. I am also happy I can afford to go shopping and not have to worry about not having enough. For me, this is a great relief since I have suffered a great deal from financial insecurity and I remember how hard it used to be before to even buy a bar of chocolate in spite of my crazy cravings for it, for fear I would have to go over budget. Life has not always been so easy for me especially where money and financial freedom was concerned. So thank you money, I love you so much, please keep coming to me always and forever.

Last but not least, I would like to thank word press for being my safe space where I can freely express myself and my ideas. I am grateful for my increasing subscribers and for the exposure I have to the rest of the world through my blog. I have always dreamt of communicating my ideas with the world and to have a following of people who listened and learned from what I have to share. So thank you so much. creating this blog was one of the best decisions I have ever made and sticking it out four years later was something I had never done before with anything else in my life since we know just how difficult it is for me to commit to something long term without getting bored out of my mind. So thank you so much for my blog and my followers.


I would love to say I have everything figured out but I would be lying. So please allow me to think up stuff as I write. Thank you.

  1. The first thing which comes to mind is to be able to read as many self help books as I can this year. I wish to grow my “book reviews” page here on my blog and for this to happen, I plan to read at least 15 books this year.
  2. I would like to socialize more. I have been a hermit who is lonely. What a paradox I know! I need to start trusting others more and get out of my pretty little shell.
  3. Lest I forget, it is my goal that this year I meet my future husband no matter what! Haha! You guys know I have been singing about how much I need my man to come into my life so bad. Well, let us turn this into a goal, hoping by doing this, it will up its chances of being realized.
  4. I wish to exercise more self love and self care. This should be top of the list. I plan to pay close attention to what feels good to me and what feels off. I want to make sure I am in touch with myself and I set aside time to pamper and treat myself to a great time.
  5. I wish to open up about how I feel with others. I don’t want to eat up my feelings about anything. I also don’t wish to please others at the expense of my own emotional wellbeing. Therefore, I will say how I feel no matter how unpleasant it may sound to the person hearing it.
  6. I plan to focus on what truly matters and to finish up on the projects I am currently invested in. A better part of this year will be spent preparing for my bar exams and then pupillage. I plan to focus on that and filter out anything else which comes as a distraction. Laser focus!
  7. I plan to create to-do lists everyday so I know exactly what I am doing every day. This will not only help me minimize distractions and time wasting, but it will also make me feel productive and purposeful.
  8. I plan to set aside time to study for my bar exams everyday. I want it to be like a daily routine which I cannot live without. No matter how the day has been or how crappy I feel, I want to be able to do some reading on those law textbooks which have been staying unopened ever since I bought them. They deserve to be read.
  9. I plan to grow my subscriber count on my blog to 150 from the current 80 by the end of 2022.
  10. I wish to conquer my fears slowly by slowly. Whatever they may be, I plan on facing every little thing which I fear one by one this year.
  11. Most importantly, I plan on taking care of my health by eating well and taking more fruits.
  12. I plan on working on myself even as I will be busy doing all these other things. I wish to become a better person, more mature and closer to reaching my fullest potential as a divine being first and foremost, and as a human being second. I wish to reach a superior level of self awareness and consciousness.
  13. I plan to expand my knowledge about the universe and how it works. I wish to learn more about the law of attraction, God, the world, the hereafter, and all other mystical things waiting for me to discover about myself and the world in general.
  14. I plan for 2022 to become the best year of my life yet! This year will see me live the life of my dreams or at least, getting closer to it and establishing the required foundations for the lifestyle of my desire. I expect only miracles and wonderful surprises this year and nothing less!
  15. Lastly, I wish for everyone in the collective consciousness to realize their dreams, accomplish their goals, successfully wrap up their projects and live the best year of their lives!

With that said, Happy new year my good people, I love you so much and thank you for being part of my life this past year and all others before that. Let us walk into 2022 with assurance that this year will right all wrongs, bring world peace and good climate, save the animals and trees and on top of all of that, realize all our hearts’ desires!

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