Love Bombs

I have been seeing random people on YouTube commenting some very motivating messages of love and happiness to everyone who reads them. I was very impressed by how smart these people are who use the law of attraction to their advantage by sending love out to the world, knowing for sure that the same love would come back to them. So, like the good student I am(of anything non-legal and non- numerical), I find myself going on the comments section of the videos on my feed and randomly wishing whoever may read my comment warm hugs and kisses.

Here is what I have to say about my little experiment. Something is happening to me. I find myself more willing to compromise and meet others half way, whereas before I would strongly hold onto my opinions for dear life. I am also friendlier, chattier and more social especially with my family with whom I have been having a difficult time getting along. Things are looking up for me and all I did was send out love to random people on social media. I testify that this works and you should try it too. Had I known this a long time ago, I would have been happier and healthier a great many years before now. Happy love bombing!

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