A Bowl of Mixed

I love to see trees so alive with shades of emerald and forest green. I keep thinking to myself how those carefree birds must feel flying about the trees speaking and chatting among themselves, clearly all cheery and delightful to enjoy such lush and peaceful surroundings. What it must feel to fly and take in the view of beautiful vegetation so inviting and magnetic as they branch outwards as if to give you a hug.

On the other side of the field, goats cannot be happier as they graze to their heart’s satisfaction. An endless carpet of tasty and juicy grass is just waiting to be eaten-and we are waiting to eat the goats for Christmas. Does this thought make me happy? Not in the least bit. Well, what does that make me- someone who had just ordered and downed a hot and delicious bowl of goat soup! A specimen of mixed emotions.

Did God create goats for us to eat and if he did, why would he care to create so much grass and bring down rain to make it bountiful and fresh. This simple act of caring for the goats in this intimate way makes me confused as to whether we are supposed to kill and eat animals. To be honest, I don’t know why I am feeling this way I have never been a vegetarian not for a single day of my life… You know what? Just forget I said anything. This post does not exist.

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