The Secret

If you want to live longer, make your life more about others than yourself. This is the secret to getting everything you want from life. It is not about what you get, it is about what you will do for the good of your community, family, friends, peers, or even animals and trees. Something in this world should need you in some way or another, for you to exist at all!

Let me make this simpler to understand with some examples of my own.

There was this one moment I was in my room minding my business and a fellow student across the hall from me had this really bad cough. From the sound of it, she wasn’t getting any better. One night, I woke up to the thunderous sounds coming from her chest as if it was trying to light some sort of fire inside of her lungs. I was concerned. I remember waking up the next day with one thought in mind, “How can I be of help to her?” I put the question out to the universe like the self-help books say and waited. I wondered how I was going to help her and still stay anonymous. I am not in the best place or time to entertain any thoughts of socializing and would pretty much wish to remain a hermit, at least, for the next several months. I looked around my room at what I had and found these chocolate chip and coconut cookies which I somehow forgot were even there and packed a few packets of those. I also added a few bananas, an apple and an orange for some much needed vitamins to boost her immunity. Mind you, I have never met this girl. She was a total stranger to me but that shouldn’t stop me or anyone of you from caring now, should it? I had to be creative with the delivery and then remembered a game we used to play as kids-tiptoeing up to a stranger’s home and knocking on the door, only to take off running for our lives, never to be seen again! I thought to myself, “Well, this should do the trick!”. I left the package outside her door, knocked ever so hurriedly and vanished into thin air. This was the most exciting thing I ever did, second only to that time I went go karting and slammed on the accelerator until I hit the rails. Apart from that, it was the feeling of satisfaction which washed over me, when I heard her, from behind my door, come out to pick the package I left for her which made this entire experience extraordinarily enlightening. I was over the moon!

After that day, I would constantly be monitoring to check if her cough improved, by paying attention to how severe her cough sounded. I would also spend the rest of several days later, with her wellbeing in my mind. Once I even bought her Strepsils, thinking her throat might be sore from all that coughing. I did all this without us ever meeting. This simple act of kindness became a profound experience which made me convinced that we exist to serve others. The books I have been reading have been true all along. I exist today because someone needed me to. We all exist because someone or something wished for there to be someone like us in this world.

After experiencing this, I feel obliged to share it with the world. To let you know that if you want to succeed in life, live for others. Find something or someone to live for. It could be your neighbor, your cat, your local shelter, your government, your family, or it can also be a simple thing like giving food to the ants in your house(I know what this looks like but ants got to eat, too) or letting that hungry mosquito have a tiniest bit of blood for its dinner( I know what you are thinking, but just imagine if mosquitoes were human size, they would have annihilated us by now but because they are so considerate, they did us all a favor by being this tiny. Are we to be so selfish after that and deny them teeny weeny droplets of our blood which we have plenty of and starve them to death?) because here is the secret, we are all connected as one. You cannot hate or judge, you can only love and serve. That is the secret to live a happy and full life!

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