Not Like Any Story You have ever heard before


Once upon a time, long before we came to this world, we existed as souls without bodies. Somewhere in a world without physical matter, we lived among each other, going whenever we wanted without any restrictions of time or space, we did not need to eat or drink in order to live, simply giving and receiving love was enough to sustain us and keep us going. This world, in which our soul selves lived was harmonious and peaceful, everything was perfect, maybe, too perfect…Until someone decided we should venture into a more restrictive, more incumbered way of existence, and that is when we assumed these costumes we call our bodies, to come here and live mundane lives.

If everything was so great where we came from, why would we leave to come here? I mean no offence, but seriously speaking, this is not the most accommodating place now, is it? There are wars everywhere: wars against health , fresh air, rivers and lakes and other water bodies, forests and fireflies, hills and valleys and everything else natural and beautiful. There is such a sustainable chaos in this physical realm which never fails to deliver. It is the type you find in the supermarkets as buy one get one free. Such beautiful chaos. Why would anyone come here?

I will tell you why! Just like the adorable fluffy little things humans call cats, our curiosity got the better of us. Our world was way too flawless for our taste. We wanted to experience a little bit of painful constipation after having a bowl of ramen noodles (all those ropey noodles twisting and turning in our gut should do it alright), indigestion, because we are hungry little monsters who have never had to eat before and we seem to swallow without chewing or else we die, sex, which we have put more meaning to it than necessary and made it out to be more than it needs to be really (I mean there is nothing remotely attractive about two grown ups in their sound mind rocking back and forth against each other in disgruntled moans like a couple of confused loon bins- like seriously, are you in pain? Can I help you? Is the more appropriate response).Then, lest we forget, there is the good old dancing. It amazes me how ridiculous we can make ourselves look. Anyhow, after seeing that it is not all roses and cotton candy, word is , we are thinking of going back and leaving this theatre of mediocrity behind. Except, to our horror, we can’t! Why you ask? Well, in our excitement to come here, we forgot to leave anyone behind to turn that goddamn recycling human body machine thingy off. Now we are stuck here, dying and coming back over and over again and just like we wanted, every time we come back, we don’t even remember who we are and live by different identities all over the world(now, isn’t that exciting). And that idiot Sam had to entice us to experience life as animals too. Just imagine how enlightened we will become! He had said. Well, Sam, if I could just get my hands on you somehow. Only if I knew where you were and who you had become. At least, it would bring me joy if I knew you were in someone’s toilet as a cockroach! That should definitely enlighten you and give you some of that shitty perspective you so much wanted!

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