Please God, love us unconditionally

Please god love us unconditionally and accept us for who we are with all our faults and shortcomings. Please my good kind god don’t threaten us with hellfire and all the punishments or anything else, we are already suffering as is. Some of us were traumatized from childhood, and are doing all the “heinous” stuff as they try and fill the void in their empty, broken hearts. Some children never see their parents, live on the streets in horrific situations and have nobody to love or care for them. Some are grappling with deadly diseases, incurable ones, and have not sinned a day in their lives. Some are crying day in day out, with not even a shimmer of hope to hold onto. The world is already in hell mostly, how are threats for an extra eternal hellfire and damnation going to uplift us all who are living in pain and whose only fault was to find our way through all the shit we have been through and heal? Please my good, kind and loving god, let your unconditional love for us be all there is! It is okay if we don’t have to have a heaven in an afterlife, let us bask in your divine love in this one!

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