Why you Should Stop praying for what you don’t have, and a bunch of other non-related topics.

Ever since I was introduced to the law of attraction, I have had some ideas which made me raise my brows in doubt. Some of those ideas resemble statements such as if you want more money, spend more and don’t save. Saving for a rainy day and tough times actually bring them into your life. As if this one is not enough, I had to meet with yet another disturbing one today, don’t pray for what you don’t have. Praying affirms the fact that you don’t have them. And since like attracts like, if you feel lack, you will attract the same. What? My brows are far too high right now, they could be flying off of my face any minute now.

What is wrong with praying? Two things: first, you give any power you have to something or someone else, other than you, making you essentially powerless to get anything you desire. Two, you emphasize the fact that you are poor and a beggar at that! So I guess this is why we feel so miserable all the time. It is because we would rather believe something or someone else out there is the only person who can give us what we seek, and if he chooses not to, then our lives end and we have no reason to smile or bother waking up in the morning.

I know many authors of these self-help books such as Neville Goddard, Florence Scovel shinn and others try to link the Bible and God to the principles of the law of attraction and other magical wonders available to the human mind, the fact that the bible or the Koran themselves, left out these laws of the universe makes one wonder if they are really what we thought they were; words of God. Yes, as I say this, I feel I could be slowly migrating from godly existence to the godless, but I believe there is some explanation to all of this disaprity which exists between religious notions of a God who holds the reins over our sustenance and existence, and the god who resides in our consciousness, imagination and desire.

Which god is the god? And did god refer to himself as god who dominates and controls all of us with commandments and dos and don’ts? It is so hard to believe that god would create everything so beautifully, without us asking for anything, because his love is that unconditional and all-encompassing, and yet still have him stoop to our standards punishment and eternal damnation.

Just look at the shaming that is going on about sex. With such cruel threats of stoning to death and flogging, or eternal hellfire, no wonder people are screwed up sexually. I mean if God really thought sex was bad, shameful and awful he wouldn’t create these desires within us. He could have easily said, your sexual urges will automatically spring up from your loins the day you say your wedding vows! But no! He made it so that we desire sexual fulfillment the day we hit puberty. Did he mean for us to marry as child teens? I don’t think so? So what is all the hate about sexual expression and appetite trying to achieve, if not our own agenda as controlling ego maniacs?

Sometimes, people cannot get rid of this shame over sex, and they end up fearing any kind of sexual thing, leading to them having sexless marriages and frustrating lives. Or in some, because of the forbidden nature of sex, they end up on an endless sexual spree with just about anything that moves. You get what I mean?

Sometimes, things like praying five times a day for muslims, can be hard for some to follow through, which means they go around carrying a mountain of guilt over the prayers they have missed. This guilt can sometimes make us feel so miserable about ourselves and take a toll on our self esteem and even increase our chances to ever pray full time again. Why? Because human beings are made to avoid uncomfortable situations at all costs. This means, if praying to god becomes more about rigid rules and less about connecting intimately with your creator, you are less likely to pray. And this likelihood increases everytime you are made more and more uncomfortable over missing prayers.

The last time I misturbated I was engulfed with deep sense of shame and guilt as if I had killed someone. Not only that, even the onset of my urge to touch myself, makes my anxiety raise to the rooftop, and my heart dreads the otherwise healthy and natural feelings every healthy human being needs to have and fulfill. Yes it is that bad. And all thanks to beliefs we have been taught and fed all our lives;beliefs which have caused us more harm than good. Why should anyone feel shame for wanting and desiring sex? Why should anyone fear pleasing themselves where nobody is there to help them? Why should we make praying more about anything else than a heartfelt desire to connect with God? Who made these ideas and screwed up the world? I don’t know, but I am sure god had nothing to do with it. And this post is a testimony to that.

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  1. Nicely written. Its high time that we stop calling ourself the superior race and start acting like one. Apply ones brain in the right direction than merely following things blindly.

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