Don’t Affirm What You Don’t Want

I love to be happy, then why do I focus on the fact that I am not? Why do I entertain thoughts which make me anything else other than what I want to be? Why do I catch myself speaking about that person who said something mean to me, or that time I got hurt or disappointed? Why am I speaking more about things I hate and giving them space in my precious mind and memory? Why am I affirming stuff which cause me to feel stressed by constantly speaking about them and validating their existence in my past, present and future?

The simple truth is this: you can choose how you want to feel at any given moment. This was hard to learn because we believe that we have no control over how other people, events and places make us feel. We believe that it is our duty to simply respond and react to stimulus from our environment. We are rarely told that there is another way. A better way, where you can choose not to react and preserve your happy state of being no matter what happens around and to you.

I am here to tell you now, that you can choose how you want to feel regardless of what is happening right now. You can do this by refusing to validate the existence of things you don’t like. This might sound like denial but it is not. This is in fact, a subtle way of saying that even if you know so and so is mean to you, even if you know you hate spaghetti with all your heart because you almost chocked and died because of it, that you are not going to focus on the spaghettis of your life, but rather, you will focus on that cheesecake, which melts in your mouth every time you have a bite, and makes your palate dance with joy. Therefore, speak more about the cheesecakes of your life and forget about the spaghettis.

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