Life is not about just Me

When you have lived a fairly good number of years on earth and have been broken more than several times, you will learn that your life is not about just you, rather, it is about all those people whose lives you will touch with your heart.

Unlike what we are told, we are not here in this world to live for ourselves, separated from everyone else’s life and problems. We live to influence one another and help each other along the journey of life. In fact, this simple truth is what I call life purpose. Our dreams, passions and even the careers we choose, might seem like our own doing, but really, our choices serve the highest good of everyone around us. By everyone I mean, your community, your nation, your siblings, colleagues, or some total strangers you will meet and whose lives you will change for the better. Sometimes, it could even be the environment, trees, forests, rivers or lakes, which you will embark on a journey to save or advocate against their destruction through your environmental advocacy programs, which you found yourself to be very passionate about, more than anything else in this world. The point is, this whole world is built around the idea, that everything and everyone is perfectly positioned to cross each others’ paths in life, at the right time and moment, just when we are most in need of what they will come to bring into our life. When someone we meet hurts us, then that person has come into our life to teach us some really important lessons we must learn for our own development and growth. Whereas, when that person makes our life better, then they become the answer to our prayers and a relief from the suffering we endured in the course of our life.

For this reason, it is crucial that you remember, the next time someone you meet hurts you, that it was no accident, but rather, it was a blessing in disguise. So never take it personally. Learn the lessons and grow from the pain. Also, most importantly, when you find yourself giving more to a person than you are receiving, take it that you are in their life for a reason, being that you are the relief they have been hoping for. You shouldn’t feel taken advantage of. Neither should you feel it is not worth being with them. Instead you should know that we don’t live just for ourselves, but others too. And just like today you were a blessing to someone else, tomorrow someone will be a blessing to you. Because the universe rewards all of us, who are willing to make someone else’s life a little bit better. The universe loves those who consider the greater good of everyone involved.

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