My mouth made me miss my flight

I missed my flight today.

I have flown many times before but not one time did I miss my flight. So why did it happen today? I made it happen. I called it with my words and put it in the universe with my thoughts. Or it was just because I ran late even when I made an effort to wake up early.

I have talked about how positive thinking has led me to get many things. Now, I am here to testify how negative words spoken over something have just as much power to manifest what is spoken, if not more.

I was on my way and rain fell so hard out of the blue. I prayed to God as I took shelter under a tin roof. I said, God your will be done and not mine. You are the manager and the planner of my life, including my plan to travel today. If you decree it to be it will happen, if not it will not. At this point I felt a relaxing wave of peace and calm sweep over my now half-soaked body. The rain let up and I was able to continue on my way. Just then, I remembered I had to buy incense as a gift for a friend and my heart said to walk in to the shop despite the ticking time. I went in and that is where I think I slipped up and turned the tables upon my chance of catching that flight. I believe it was not the selfless and kind act of buying my friend a gift that made me miss my flight, but it was the words I said and the negative energy of panic and fear, which I allowed to seep into myself, which were the culprits.

I asked for incense, the man, who at the time seemed like he was a distant cousin of a tortoise or the uncle of all the slugs and snails in the world, really took his time from his feet to the shelf standing a mere half metre away from him. I bit my tongue and said to my roaring inner fire, which was swearing in all the languages in the world to get the man to hurry up, patience! Patience!

As if the world took a bet today to mess with my zen, Mr. Slug stopped midway on his turn towards the shelf and greeted new customers who just walked in. I could almost hear a Dammit man!Pick up the damn incense and just throw it at me quick! on loud speaker.

To interrupt his rapporteur with his newly found friends, I found my index finger shooting out of the right side of my body fiercely pointing to the incense on the shelf. Right there! He noticed the urgency in my voice and picked it. Just then he started to wrap it up like a christmas present when I had asked for a bag to put it in. His finger caressed the incense box as he twisted and rolled it on an old newspaper,roll,roll,roll. Then came the part when he folded the ends one at a time, using cellotape to hold it together. That was when I heard these words come out of my mouth before I could stop them,I am missing my flight this very moment as you fold the ends of that paper.I am missing my flight worth 7000 shillings!

Too late! That just stamped the seal right there! And the command was sent rocketing into the universe:she missed her flight today. Everybody, she missed it! Quickly people get to work!Get to work,so she misses it as spoken.

Then after I got out of that shop with what would become a 7000 shillings-worth of incense in my hands, it poured as if the heavenly dam just collapsed upon us, but I kept pushing on in the rain, making my bags wet like a soaking pampers. I was a disgruntled mess who should have just stopped and turned back when I still had a chance. But no! I went ahead, spending even more money renting a boat to cross me over to the airport, by a coxwain who was only slightly hopeful that I could still make it. Even then, he soon gave up even as he raced his boat in the crazed rain and tormented sea to get me across. Once we arrived there was about a 500 metre walkway on which we were runwalking, almost tripping over my wet and squishy shoes; shoes which had already given up on this forlorn trip since yesterday, and wanted nothing to do with it. Still, we treaded on and on, past the still-as-statue soldier at the airport gate, who upon seeing my sorry state of being, took pity on me and said, pole madam kwa kunyeshewa( sorry for getting rained on).

I went into the airport, and the bags get screened and everyone is telling me I have missed my flight and that it was impossible to check in since nobody was there anyway. The check-in guys had all closed up and left to board bags and people. I heard myself mumble , I got caught by bad weather. I am all soaked. Then this guy goes to call this other guy and he takes me towards the plane, hope starts to build in my heart and as we got closer and I see the plane door locked and the blades start to run, like a balloon, my heart burst.

I turned away as I could not bear to see the plane leave without me. It was as if I was seeing the love of my life exchange vows with my nemesis, I just couldn’t watch. So we turn back, and the guy is saying muffled somethings behind me but all I could see were my soggy bugs which I was holding, whose weight suddenly became unbearably oppressing and I felt sorry for my strained fingers, my sore toes and slippery sandals. They grilled for nothing! I should make it up to them.

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