Sometimes All We Need is to Stop

We live in a world that requires action: We need to work hard, study hard, plan for our future, save money, travel, go out to meet new people, fall in love, get that mortgage, get that pensionable job, so on and so forth. It never ends. The easiest time we had where nobody needed anything from us was when we were in the womb. We made life hard on ourselves the moment we came to this world. That moment, we had signed a contract with a world which was designed to reward only hard work and effort. It does not have to be this way. The world has a choice. It can choose to be less hard. It can decide to give all of us a break and just hand us what we need to survive.

I imagine when Adam and Eve first landed here, they must have had all the earth to themselves. All the fruits from all the trees they could eat. All the animals to feed off of. There was no requirement to get a job and earn money to afford basic things like food and water. They did not have to go to school for half of their life. They simply ate, woke up the next day, made love and ate some more. Why do we have to suffer so much today? Why can’t life be simple? Why can’t we spend our time living this life, rather than losing it trying to survive?

Is there no way to survive without a job? Were you employed in your mother’s womb? Who fed you inside there? Do birds and bees need to go to school in order to get a job and feed themselves? Why do we have to live like this? Why can’t we just live happily, freely, enjoying ourselves of what nature has provided from trees,crops and animals? Why do we need so many things to survive? Electricity is the biggest cause of insomnia in the world. We were meant to sleep at night period. There was a reason why night is dark okay? Phones have made us but they have also broken us. On the good side, they allow for communication with those far away and provide us with information. On the worst side, they have made us addicts who cannot live without them. They are the biggest sources of distraction to those who wish to pay attention to the people in their life. I am just saying, life was much simpler back then, and much more worthwhile and intimate. Today’s life is such that you cannot have enough no matter how much you get. In fact, the more you get, the less you have. Life has become like a chase for something that you cannot have. When you get one thing, you lose another. The rate of disappointment in life is so high, that every one in four people suffer from depression. Depression is a call for us to wake up from wanting everything and not having anything in the end. It is an urgent call for us to prioritize living over surviving. We need to live each day in the here and now. We need to stop worrying about the future and just let it go.

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